August 2023 Rentals in San Mateo County: Have a room? Need a room?

South San Francisco, CA  August 12, 2023, Submitted by HIP Housing

Do you know anyone looking for a housemate or renter or trying to rent out a room in their home? HIP Housing’s non-profit Home Sharing program can help make that a safe, comfortable process. HIP Housing has given free, long-term support to those who need it most in San Mateo County for 50 years. This is especially important now, as our county has become one of the most expensive areas to live in within the United States. The need for extra income is a common one, and renting out a room in your home is a great way to reduce costs and help your community.



Home Sharing   Ÿ    Self-Sufficiency for Families Ÿ Property Development

Thank you for referring your clients, friends, family, neighbors, employees, and others

*ADU stands for “Accessory Dwelling Unit”

 Rooms to rent:

Bedroom with private bathroom in a 2-story townhome in Redwood City. Close to shops and restaurants on Middlefield Road. Shared kitchen and laundry, plus off-street parking. There are 2 dogs, so liking dogs is important. Ideal housemate would be responsible and open to companionship. No extra pets are allowed. Rent is $1,200/month including utilities, with a $1,200 security deposit. Seeking non-smoker. Ref# 1283


A furnished bedrooms available in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home in Burlingame. Bathroom is shared. The laundry facilities and kitchen are shared. The owner is requesting $1700- per month, utilities are included and there is a $500- Security Deposit. Prefer a Non-smoker, with out pets. Home owner does have a small dog. Room has accesses to off street parking. #Ref 1284


There is an unfurnished bedroom with a private bathroom in 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Condo in San Carlos.The kitchen and laundry facility is shared. The condo is very peaceful and beautiful surrounded by trees. There is a park nearby. Ideal housemate would be respectful, honest and doesn’t mind living with a senior. The owners are requesting $1,200- per month, the utilities are $100 a month, and there is a $1,200- Security Deposit. The owner is requesting a non-smoker, with no pets. On site community amenities includeTennis court and Pool Accesses. Must be ok with following community guidelines and rules. #Ref 1285


Available bedroom in a 2-bedroom home, which can be either furnished or unfurnished in Redwood City. This room comes with a private bathroom. The house is situated approximately ½ mile away from downtown, offering easy access to the area.The home includes a washer and dryer, and there’s the added benefit of garage parking. The monthly rent requested by the owner is $1800, which covers utilities, and a deposit of $1800 is required. While the internet is not currently set up, arrangements can be made for its installation.The ideal housemate for this space is a non-smoker without pets. Additionally, they should be comfortable with someone who follows an early morning and early bedtime routine. #Ref 1029


Available bedroom in a 4-bedroom multi level home, which can be either furnished or unfurnished in East Palo Alto. This room comes with a private bathroom. The monthly rent requested by the owner is $1350, which covers utilities, and a deposit of $1350 is required. Wifi is available in the home.The ideal housemate for this space is a non-smoker without pets who is tidy, clean and someone who does not mind climbing stairs as the bathroom is in the upstairs space. There are two dogs in the home. Laundry and kitchen accesses is available. Off Street parking is available. #Ref 1082


Furnished room available in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in Moss Beach. Room has a private bathroom and is furnished with a bed frame, dresser, chair and clost. Person must bring own mattress. It is important to note the home is manufactured on Piller Ridge Park. The monthy rent is $900 and a deposit of $300, which includes utilities, accesses to the kitchen and laundry. There is no communual living room. Two cats live in the home and no other pets will be allowed in the home. Smoking is not accepted. Ideal person would be a single individual that is often busy and out the home. #Ref 1230


Seeking a place to call home


Female seeking housing in the Mid to South parts of San Mateo County. Seeking an unfurnished room for $700/month, preferably a private bathroom. Non-smoking households preferred with no pets. She enjoys quiet activities outside of work and is seeking a quiet and clean home environment.


Male home seeker needs new housing because the space he’s been renting is needed for someone else in the Homeowner’s family. He can pay up to $1100 for a furnished or unfurnished room in the Southern part of San Mateo County. Seeking a clean and quiet household. He spends most of his time at work and doing outside activities such as walking and exploring new places.


Female home seeker recently moved to the area for a new job. She’s seeking a furnished or unfurnished room in the mid-County for up to $1500/month. Private bathroom preferred. Non-smoking household preferred and pets are ok.


Male home seeker needs new housing because his housemate passed away. He has two cats, Leo & Baby, and is an outside smoker. The kitties get along with other animals and he’s ok with housemates who smoke. Seeking an unfurnished room for up to $1300 in the North-Mid part of San Mateo County. He describes himself as quiet and able to get along with others. He works as a construction truck driver and volunteers at the food bank.


Male home seeker needs new housing due to a rent increase. He is a Caregiver and works during the week. He enjoys photography, spending time with family, and watching movies during his free time. Seeking an unfurnished room in the Mid-South parts of the County and can afford up to $1250/month. Non-smoker, no pets.


Female home seeker needs a furnished room for $1,000 or less/month. She’s seeking a kind and clean housemate who lives in the north part of San Mateo County. During her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, attending church, and visiting with friends for dinner.


Male home seeker is looking for housing in the Mid-San Mateo County area. He’s a non-smoker, with no pets and desires a furnished or unfurnished room for under $1500/month. During the week he works as an educator and makes the most out of doing activities during free time.


Male home seeker would like to find a room in the North-Mid San Mateo County cities for $1200 or less. Furnished or unfurnished room in a home with non-smokers, and 1 dog. During his free time, he enjoys reading or listening to audiobooks, creating digital graphics, and watching movies.


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