South San Francisco Dirtbags go to New York: Cooperstown Where Dreams Come True!

South San Francisco, CA  August 29, 2023 by Elena & Jose Valle, The Valle Team

Two summers ago, our lives took an exciting turn when my son’s friend invited him to join a tournament baseball team. As newcomers to organized sports, we had reservations about what lay ahead. Little did we know that this invitation would lead to an amazing experience, turning us into a true baseball family!

From the start, our baseball weekends became something we eagerly anticipated. The thrill of cheering on our son’s team and witnessing their progress on the field captured our hearts. It was heartwarming to see the camaraderie among players and families, creating an atmosphere of community and support that felt like home.

However, the ultimate highlight of our baseball journey was undeniably our unforgettable trip to Cooperstown. A week filled with non-stop baseball activities awaited us, and we were honored to represent our beloved South San Francisco. Our son plays for the South San Francisco Dirtbags with head coach Carlos Solis, and his sons and co-coaches, Beto, & Junior Solis. It was a truly incredible experience to see our kids proudly don their hometown’s name on their jerseys.

The planning for this once-in-a-lifetime trip took nearly a year, but every moment spent was entirely worth it. The kids competed against teams from Hawaii, Maryland, Mississippi, and Wisconsin, showcasing their talent and dedication on the field. Although we didn’t make it to the championship, going 2 wins and 3 losses, our kids played their hearts out and hit 5 home runs! The memories made and bonds formed were irreplaceable.

An added delight was discovering that our team had the biggest and most impressive pin of all the participating teams, truly a badge of honor for our South San Francisco pride! In addition to the thrilling games, we took a memorable trip to the hallowed grounds of the Baseball Hall of Fame, immersing ourselves in the history and legacy of the sport we had come to love.

With two more baseball-playing sons, we can’t help but dream of the day when they too will have the chance to represent South City at Cooperstown. The journey has not only brought us closer as a family but has instilled in us a lasting passion for the game of baseball and the values it imparts.

So, as we continue our baseball adventure, we’ll cherish the memories of Cooperstown forever. It was more than just a tournament; it was a celebration of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the joy of representing our community on the grand stage of America’s favorite pastime. As the cheers of “Play Ball!” echo in our hearts, we eagerly await the next inning of our baseball family’s remarkable journey.

Until next time,

Elena & Jose Valle



To learn more about THE VALLE TEAM and the real estate duo of Elena and Jose, CLICK HERE.

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your neighbor
your neighbor
8 months ago

best part of SSF is our kids enjoying our famous sport: baseball, a proud tradition for families. Great story, thanks for sharing.

8 months ago

WTG! You guys make us proud!

8 months ago

Core memories were made for sure! Who knew baseball would create such irreplaceable memories! Nice job Dirtbags!

Sandra Flores
Sandra Flores
8 months ago

What a beautiful journey the Valle family had, not only did the families represent their baseball team, but they also represented our beautiful city of South San Francisco. We are very proud to have the Valle Family and other families like them to represent our Hometown. Congratulation on your journey, looking forward to hearing more of what is to come for our baseball families of South San Francisco. Thank you for representing and sharing.

Last edited 8 months ago by Sandra Flores