Genentech Goes to Town Announces 30 Years of Local Business Support: September 11 – 22nd

South San Francisco, CA  September 30, 2023 South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

Genentech Goes to Town – Celebrating 30 Remarkable Years

Our longstanding partnership with Genentech reaches a significant milestone this year—the 30th anniversary of ‘Genentech Goes to Town.’ This time-honored initiative will run from September 11th to the 22nd and will feature a special perk for Genentech employees: each will receive $30 in GenenMoney to spend at local businesses. This program has not only consistently supported our merchants but has also been a cornerstone in enriching our local business ecosystem.

Genentech Goes to Town

30 Years of Neighborly Investment and Local Economic Vitality

As we embrace fall, it’s time to put a spotlight on a partnership that has been nothing short of transformative for our city. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Genentech’s community-focused initiative, “Genentech Goes to Town.”

A Legacy of Neighborly Investment

Established as a beacon of biotechnology innovation, Genentech, born and bred in South San Francisco, has never forgotten its roots or its neighbors. What truly sets them apart as a community partner is their enduring commitment to enriching the well-being of our local community. This commitment shines brightly through their annual financial contributions to the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce—a generous act that underscores their faith in fostering collective, synergistic growth for our city. Inspired by this impactful collaboration, we warmly invite other large biotech firms to reach out to the Chamber to explore embarking on a similar program that benefits us all.

Unveiling the Magic of Genenmoney

You may have heard the term ‘GenenMoney’ around town, and if you’ve wondered what it is, you’re in for a treat. It’s not just a clever name; it’s a currency of opportunity that stimulates our local economy. Every year, Genentech disburses GenenMoney to their employees, incentivizing them to discover and engage with businesses right here in our city. These aren’t just one-off transactions but the building blocks of long-lasting relationships between local merchants and a workforce eager to explore what’s in their own backyard.

A Grand Affair on Grand Ave

From quaint cafes to the specialized boutiques that line Grand Ave, the impact of GenenMoney is felt far and wide. As local business owners can attest, this initiative not only boosts sales but also fosters a sense of community. After all, nothing says “we’re in this together” like seeing a familiar face walk through the door, GenenMoney in hand, ready to support a business they’ve come to love.

The Ripple Effect

The financial boon doesn’t stop at the cash register. With increased revenue, businesses can hire more staff, expand their offerings, and participate in community events. This, in turn, creates a virtuous cycle of prosperity that benefits everyone from local vendors to job seekers and beyond.

The Road Ahead

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, it’s not just about looking back but also envisioning what’s ahead. The partnership between Genentech and the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce serves as an exemplar for how corporations and communities can co-create thriving ecosystems. Here’s to another 30 years of shared growth, mutual respect, and unbreakable community ties.

On behalf of the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, we extend a heartfelt thank you to Genentech for being not just a global pioneer in biotechnology but a local hero in community building.

Cheers to 30 years, and here’s to many more!


The South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Team



This September marks the 30th anniversary of the wonderful small business support program, Genentech Goes to Town. This initiative has undoubtedly left a positive impact on our local economy over the past 30 years bringing more than $3.5 million into more than 200 of our South City businesses. During 2 weeks in September, Genentech encourages employees to explore our downtown and small business community by providing them with “GenenMoney” that can be used at participating businesses. Shuttles between the Genentech campus and downtown reduce the parking impact and promote participation, and many of our small businesses use this annual program to draw in new customers that return throughout the year. You can’t miss the Grand Avenue Hardware sign that goes up every September welcoming folks and the happy diners filling our restaurants.

The SSF Chamber of Commerce partners with Genentech to promote and administer Genentech Goes To Town, and Genentech’s unwavering dedication to giving back to the local community has helped our small businesses and Downtown area continue to thrive. Even through the challenges of the pandemic, Genentech continued to partner with the Chamber to understand the most pressing needs of small business owners and creatively adapt the Genentech Goes to Town program to address them.

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Cory David
Cory David
14 days ago

WOW, $30 a person! And, I thought I was a cheap date. This is the thanks we get for inviting these invaders to our city? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised as Genentech bought an entire city government for pennies on the dollar. If I had one wish, it would be for Genentech to hand out just a fraction of the money it pays its propaganda ministry, I mean marketing department, so its employees could go on this so called shopping spree. They sure earned it with this program and press release. If I had two wishes, maybe if they handed out an amount equivalent to the fines levied against them for mishandling hazardous materials it would bolster our merchants. Hey, why don’t I go for broke, rumor has it they have an army of attorneys battling to keep them from paying millions of dollars in property taxes. Why not just stop fighting and pay up? Between Genentech’s savings in billable hours and the additional funds in SSF’s coffers, that would make a noticeable improvement in our city where there is none. By the way, I use the reference to “rumor” because the last thing I need is a newly idled army of attorneys with nothing to do coming after me. That still leaves us with a paltry $30 to spend and it just doesn’t go as far as it used to. Hasn’t for the last hundred years.