Help South San Francisco Family With Funds for Emergency Shelter

South San Francisco, CA  September 17, 2023 Submitted by SSF Neighbor

I was wondering if you can post this on this page. I’m trying to help a friend who I went to school with at Parkway and South San Francisco High and I hate to see his children split up because of being homeless. I know how it feels because I experienced homelessness in 1993 and 1997 with my parents and brother and sister until we got the pace we have now. Anything helps. Here is the link if you can share it. – SSF Neighbor and Friend


From the Go-Fund-Me page:

Hi my name is Danny and I’m fundraising for Leo and his daughters. I won’t use names other than Leo’s or specific dates out of respect for all of the family.
My simple goal is to help Leo and his daughters with emergency shelter until room opens up for San Mateo County family shelter.
Here is a little bit of context. Leo’s wife and mother of his children had been suffering from a disease for over 10 years, and in which she spent 1/3 of the time in the hospital and the majority of the time in chronic pain. In the beginning of 2022 the pain and complications became unbearable and she passed away a couple of days after surgery in November of last year with her family by her side.
Leo and his family lived in a home in South San Francisco where they resided for sometime. The house that the whole family lived in was becoming harder to maintain and Leo became homeless with his girls. Now his family is displaced one daughter at his dads. One daughter is staying with her boyfriend and one is staying with Leo and in her senior year of high school. Leo has been waiting for a spot at family shelter for about four months and is going to be living in his car with daughter if something doesn’t give.
Please help me with a donation so I can put them up at an extended stay motel until family shelter opens up. We are grateful for your support.




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15 days ago

Thank you for sharing. This hits cose to home