Letter to Editor: Who are these outside groups changing our streets? Who’s in charge? Scam?

South San Francisco, Ca September 2, 2023 Concerned neighbor

Editors Note: We continue to see changes to our roadways which many neighbors are questioning and cannot find answers within our own City as these tend to be outside groups in charge. While some of the changes have had positive responses to help with traffic control (Hillside Blvd is one referenced a few times), yet other changes have come across as nonsensical (El Camino Real, excessive bump out corners).

These complaints include the reduction of lanes and the addition of bike lanes when the Civil Grand Jury has reported in the County of San Mateo cyclists account for less than 1% of the population. That report CLICK HERE, also quotes the World Health Organization recommendation.

Below, yet another neighbor writes asking who are the responsible people and why is it such an issue to contact them? And why are our neighbors being charged to give their opinions? Where are our elected representatives and our City staff – aren’t they the ones overseeing these changes?

Please note the flyer below, none of the agencies listed were elected by those of us living here. Alta Planning appears to be the leading agency, with an out-of-state headquarters (North Carolina?), and a ‘local’ office in Oakland. They seem big on using the word ‘inclusion’ yet are not available to the local folks their plans are impacting. 

Thank you to the neighbor who wrote this inquiry below as it offered the opportunity to share general input we have seen other neighbors experiencing. Please feel free to add your comments below.




Who is responsible for the barriers on the corner of Hillside and Arden? I scanned the code that appears on the notice next to the barriers and tried to fill out the survey regarding my opinion on the efficiency of the barricades. You had to create an account in order to do so and I inadvertently signed up for a service I didn’t need. Furthermore, I was charged $49.95 for membership to Entstr.net I tried calling them but I always get the busy signal

I also emailed the person on the sign (Kristin Haukom) and have yet to hear from her.

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Gianni Grelli
Gianni Grelli
10 months ago

I couldn’t agree more!!!

Just on Avalon Dr. in SSF the installed a round about that was so bad the had to take it out. Talk about a wast of time and money.

Now on the top of that same street they installed two useless stop sighs right in front of a dead end neighborhood and have put an excessive number of speed bumps on that street as well.

& I very much agree about the extended bus platform in front of el Camino real Walgreens in front of SSF high school.

Dolores Crabtree
Dolores Crabtree
10 months ago
Reply to  Gianni Grelli

I agree about these changes, I am trying to avoid El Camino where these changes are occurring. Some places I shop will be getting less of my business because I cannot find a way to avoid El Camino.

Maggie Simpson
Maggie Simpson
10 months ago

why do they bother to ask for feedback when the plans are to install it?

Heidi Beck
Heidi Beck
10 months ago

Here’s a local contact who might prove helpful: Theresa Vallez-Kelly

Coordinator, Safe Routes to School

Email: tvkelly@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5429