Spotlight on Marissa Abordo Biteng, Lourdes Gatchalian and Amparo Madrigal, Kaiser Nurses Volunteering

South San Francisco, CA  September 14, 2023

When we see those in our community stepping forward, offering their service to others, we need to stop and acknowledge their selfless gifts while seeing them as inspiration on how we might work to serve others ourselves.

Marissa Abordo Biteng, Lourdes L. Gatchalian, and Amparo V. Madrigal are three Registered Nurses from Kaiser Permanente in South San Francisco who have volunteered to travel to Quezon City in the Philippines in January 2024. They will be joining volunteer doctors in giving free medical check-ups to those in need in that region. They will provide medications and other medical assistance as it is needed.


Art Gabot Madlaing, the Notary Public who notarized the nurses’ traveling documents, is also an active Evangelist with the Golden Gate Church of Christ in San Francisco and is quoted telling the trio ‘“I personally commend and thank you for your spirit of volunteerism in joining the medical mission in Quezon City next year. God bless you all for your humanitarian efforts in helping our indigent and poor countrymen back home.”

Members of Kaiser Permanente routinely volunteer in our community, joining in with our neighbors to spruce up our schools, clean up our coastal waterways, partnering to rebuild our parks, and so much more, and have been doing so for decades. As one of the largest employers in our County, Kaiser is a second home to many residents in South City who are proud of the work they do for us all.


To Marissa, Lourdes, and Amparo we thank you for your selfless service to others and for being our inspiration!


To read more about volunteering events by Kaiser CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in learning about volunteering opportunities in South City,

check out Volunteer Match  CLICK HERE




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