Trash Talk— Tips to Reduce Waste this Fall Presented by SSF Scavenger Company

South San Francisco, CA  September 13, 2023 by                             Submitted by:

Teresa Montgomery, Chamber Board Member and Sustainability Manager at SSF
Scavenger, and Adrienne Etherton, Sustainability Manager at City of Brisbane

Schools are back in session, days are getting shorter, and there is a growing number of leaves on the
ground. Fall is here! Why not welcome the new season with a renewed commitment to waste
reduction? These seasonal tips will help!

Correctly store all the yummy fall fruits and vegetables you buy. This will help them last longer and
be more likely to get eaten instead of tossed out. Visit and for storage instructions as well as recipes and shopping tips.


Start composting in your own backyard. Having and using your green cart for food scraps, food-
soiled paper, fall leaves and other yard waste is wonderful but if you have the room, why not make
your own compost? The County of San Mateo offers free workshops and discounted bins. Visit for details.

Participate in clothing exchanges and patronize thrift and consignment shops. If you must buy that
new fall sweater, make sure it’s well made. This will keep clothes in circulation longer and out of the

Use what nature provides and what you already have. Fall leaves, cornstalks, sunflowers, squash and
gourds make beautiful decorations and can be composted at the end of the season. Cardboard
boxes, broken umbrellas, and old linens can be used to make fabulous Halloween costumes. Get

Got more tips?

Please send them to so we can share with others.


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