Letter to Editor: Thank you Good Samaritan

South San Francisco, CA  December 27, 2023 by Dan P

Thank you to Good Samaritan who found my credit card at the library playground and took extra steps in notifying the bank.
I had not noticed I had lost it.

Thank you, ESC for helping me show my appreciation to Good Samaritan.

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Wendy Sinclair-Smith
Wendy Sinclair-Smith
3 months ago

Thank you for sharing the good news and it was here in South City. I too had a similar experience in the Safeway across Chestnut. I left my cell sitting somewhere in the store. I didn’t even realize it. A man wearing a long dark coat, dark bearded, with a backpack came up to me and asked if I had lost a phone. I said no. After I walked out of the store I decided to check for my phone and I didn’t have it. When I stepped back into the store I saw the same fellow talking to a check stand clerk, then leaving the store. I went over and asked if a phone had been turned in. He asked me to identify it which I did. So I got the phone back. I tried to find the fellow outside to thank him but he had already gone.
We are so fortunate to live among caring people right here in SSF