Our Lady of Guadalupe

Virgen de Guadalupe

Virgen de Guadalupe

Many in our community keep this special day in observance to Our Lady of Guadalupe and the miracles she has blessed upon others since 1531 in Mexico City. We have some wonderful stories that have been shared locally and ESC invites you to share yours if you are so inclined. Tis the season for miracles.

Brenda Lizette Valencia shares “When my youngest brother David was younger and constantly having seizures, my dad took us to Watsonvile to visit a tree where the Virgen de Guadalupe had appeared. The doctors had told us that the chances that David would ever walk or talk were very slim, but my parents didn’t want to give up hope. When we got to the park my dad walked on his knees from the entrance of the park to the tree, and I experienced faith at its greatest hour. Slowly David’s condition began to improve, and 5 years later my family returned to thank her. Today, David is walking, talking, and even reading and writing. Skepticism will be there, but I KNOW the miracle I witnessed . Feliz Cumpleanos Virgensita.”

Karin Cunningham of Prudential in San Bruno writes “I have a friend that walked in a group of 3,000 or more from SSF on Linden to St Mary’s Cathedral on Geary in SF on Sat. in honor of La Virgen. Took them 8 hours and 13 miles!”

Steve Carey reminds us “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, no explanation is possible. – Franz Werfel”

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