636 El Camino Real Low Income High Density Development

636 El Camino Real Low income housing lottery for those who have lived and/or worked in our city for six months and longer.

636 El Camino Real
Low income housing lottery for those who have lived and/or worked in our city for six months and longer.

What are your concerns regarding this new development on El Camino Real next to South City High? We can expect to see more of these major developments pop up through out our city.
Recently we had some comments on other developments such as those next to Trader Joes (Soltaire/Archstone) and also regarding traffic conditions especially as they relate to Orange Ave (and C street stop sign) next to 626 El Camino Real.

Where we once saw San Bruno Mountains  we now see massive buildings as the ‘New & Improved’ El Camino Corridor is built out during the ‘Grand Boulevard‘ progresses.  Council has agreed to zoning which increases the height restrictions through out many areas of our city. Views that we have taken for granted are slowly disappearing, savor them while you can.

Building heights for El Camino Real include 50-80 feet in some areas and up to 120 feet towards the San Bruno border. This building pictured is the start in this new El Camino Corridor look and other buildings will ‘fit in’ with this height. See page 34 on this link for more height info for our city, including the Marina & San Francisco Bay views which will continue to be obscured with new buildings. http://www.ssf.net/DocumentView.aspx?DID=1449

Marketing material includes this blurb:

636 El Camino will transform a former mobile home park into an affordable housing community for families. The community will include 109 affordable rental apartments, community gardens, children’s outdoor play areas, a fitness center, a computer lab and 5,700 square feet of retail space on the ground level facing El Camino Real. Twenty units will be set aside for individuals with mental health challenges who will receive additional supportive services from the County of San Mateo Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. Located in close proximity to major bus lines, BART, South San Francisco public schools, restaurants and shopping, 636 El Camino supports the city’s vision to provide high-density, transit-oriented development along the El Camino corridor. 636 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA 94080   109 Units 1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR

More info on the General Plans including El Camino Real Corridor Plans from our city: http://www.ssf.net/DocumentView.aspx?DID=1449
636 El Camino Real Housing as seen from SSFHS

636 El Camino Real Housing as seen from SSFHS

South City neighbors weighed in:

*Amanda Parker GoveaOMG it is so true and really sad!!

*Denise Spurgeon Sicchio: This building is an eye sore.

*Juan Laniez: Thank you City Council for bringing in more out-of-towners and congesting the area with more traffic!! Great job! smh…..

*Michael Brooks:  What a stupid waste! Could have built that monster in a low lying area instead of blocking a Sierra Vista (Mountain View). Get rid of that ugliness!

Jasmin Sutter: I agree! It’s too big for the area, I don’t like it one bit. At least from my house I still have a clear view of the mountain!

*Karen McEvoy: I so agree that our city is being over built, we have so many homes in foreclosure and empty store fronts why built more and the roads are in horrible shape from the traffic and large trucks we have now that last thing we need it more cars and people.

*Denise Lucia Premenko: They could have done a better job planning this eyesore to blend in with all the other buildings in the area!! When coming from downtown or up by Junipero Serra this building sticks out like a “sore thumb.”

*Keegan Mills: Who is paying for this? And how will this be payed for in the future? Who is supplementing future rents?

*Jada Villa: Just yesterday I was walking with my daughter and we were in this exactly spot complaining about the same. Why they are blocking the beautiful view of the mountain? This is NOT good for the H.S. as well. Who is making money with this stupid decisions??

*Juan Bustos: We did not learn from the eye sore on the mountain, we keep voting in the same, so we get the same. Let’s put common sense back into our City Council. Rethink your vote!

*Karla Telesa Ruiz: They totally took my beautiful view of SSFHS away

*Matthew J Allred: Total eyesore. All i can say is that it better serve to generate revenue for the community.

*Mary Vance: Well what’s the alternative? Many families are desperate for affordable housing and it can make all the difference. People who live and work in SSF are first on the lottery list. I do agree that it’s in a more congested area though. Before Greenridge Apartments were built on the orchid field there was no Costco or anything else in that area. Now there is BART and Trader Joes too. It’s more congested but some of it was need also.

*Brandi Magner: I agree total eyesore! I am most worried about the traffic congestion on El Camino and Orange avenue. Where will the residents enter and leave the complex – that is the question. I understand the need for affordable housing and to generate revenue for the city…. but

*Monica Burke: The entrance and exit are on El Camino. They are 5 town homes on the B street side. I hope they don’t try to park on B street there is not enough room for the people who live there now.

*Randy Quok: Wrong location.

*Karen Johanson: Do you mean besides how inappropriate the size/height are in comparison to the rest of the block? My main concern is the amount of extra traffic & general “coming and going” around a school zone.

* Susan Gonzales: Really doesn’t matter. It’s there. Any problems will be dealt with as they come up, just like everything else. Remember hindsight is 20/20


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Mark Thaler
10 years ago

What’s really upsetting too is that in 5 years that whole area where Gunter’s Restaurant is along with Pacific Market (which I still think of as QFI) and O’Reilly Auto Parts) will all be torn down to build high rise condos! That’s horrible! Like we really need more condos and apartments being built! I grew up in Sunshine Gardens, where my mom still lives and seeing these big changes is very unnerving. I hope there aren’t any plans to change Sunshine Center because that will just be too much.