Molloy’s 33rd Annual Chili Cook Off

By Kamala Silva Wolfe

Peninsula Progress May 5, 2012

Molloy’s 33rd Annual Chili Cook Off Benefiting the Community Learning Center

Owen Molloy, pictured in the red sombrero, calling out the winners of the raffle drawing

Native sons, Owen Molloy and Steve Boldenweck, came together once again to raise funds for the Community Learning Center, an organization that came about in 1998 in response to the need for additional resources for our diverse neighbors. Boldenweck’s father, the late Bill Boldenweck was a retired newspaper reporter for the SF Examiner and a journalism teacher, and along with his wife Lynn, was dedicated to opening the doors of education to everyone.

Molloy’s Tavern, originally built in 1883, has been in Owen Molloy’s family since 1927 and Owen is equally committed to educational advances for all. Further Molloy’s is dedicated to helping our community and hosting fundraisers for all of our important causes and there is great respect for Mrs. Molloy, Owen and their family.

Sunday’s Chili Cook Off was sanctioned by the International Chili Society and had about 20 entries competing in three categories; Salsa, Green Chili and Red Chili, with registration running between $10-$35.  There are five judges for the salsa and 11 judges for the chili with many judges returning year after year including some from our City Council.  For $10 guests purchase tickets to sample 10 different types of chili and each contestant works hard to outdo each other year to year.

Chili cookers included many long timers like Hank Varley and Colma Fireman’s Social Club as well as those from the International Chili Society Matt Lennon, John Eberle, and Denise Andersen to name a few.

First prize winners of the chili cook off were Lynn Robinson for ICS Green, Ron Boisseranc for ICS Red and Tim Anderson for Community Red.  Ask anyone there and they’ll tell you there was no bad chili at all. It should noted that the Chili Cook Offs do not include beans, only long simmered seasonings and meat and sauce.  Always held on the first Sunday in May, so make a note to attend next year.

Great raffle prizes were offered to winners with much appreciation to local businesses and friends for their donations. South City DJ legend Johnny Midnight cranked out the tunes and patrons danced and enjoyed the sunny afternoon.

According to Boldenweck the initial counting of funds raised were close to $5,500 which is greatly appreciated by our local residents.  As Molloy says, “We need the Community Learning Center and we need to continue to find ways to fund it”.  The native sons continue the legacy of their families and make them proud.

The Community Learning Center is located at 520 Tamarck Lane and more information can be found at their website or by calling 650/877.8540

Molloy’s Tavern is located at 1655 Old Mission Road and can be reached at 650/755.1580.

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Frances Dunn
Frances Dunn
10 years ago

Hi my name is Frances I’m interested in your chili cook-off can you please e-mail
me your registration, and rules.

Thank You
Frances Dunn