ESC Recap May 9, 2012

Everything South City Weekly Recap

By Kamala Silva Wolfe

Peninsula Progress May 9, 2012

 Big news this past week on Everything South City focused on the arrests of 19 people in connection with the 3 murders that took place on 8th Lane in December 2010. First posted where questions about over head helicopters at 4:30am and more came in with the news that this was a huge raid on multiple locations.  In the past 18 months there has been much speculation that our PD was not doing anything to resolve these murders and anger that these murders have gone unsolved. After these raids it is a general consensus that our PD, in concert with other agencies, have been looking out for the good of our community. Much praise and appreciation has been shouted to SSF Police Chief Mike Massoni and our police department and to all the agencies involved. Chief Massoni agrees with the US Attorney, ‘We are not done yet.” Posts on ESC show concern that perhaps some innocent relatives may have been caught up in the sweep and this reminds us that is a delicate balance; the murdered and some of the accused are all South City. We need to be respectful of the innocent related to those involved. Through it all we remember Gonzalo, Omar, and Hector and their grieving families and friends with over 60 people acknowledging this loss once again.


*John Kevranian alerted us to more scam artists pretending to be an officer or public official calling to say a friend or relative has been arrested in a foreign country and money is needed immediately for their release. Our seniors are more likely to be targeted and PD advises family members to discuss any such requests before sending any money.  If you have questions always check with our Police Department at (650) 877-8900.

*There was a lot of outrage expressed at the police report of a teenage girl jumped by 3 girls and 1 guy after school on April 25 on W Orange; 2 kids were schoolmates and had not been apprehended as of the report.  We all need to keep an eye out for our kids at all times.

*Our Princess Warrior, Juliana Pena, would be celebrating her 3rd birthday on May 21st and her parents invite everyone to celebrate with them in her honor at Ocean Beach at 6pm-10pm. A Lantern Ceremony will be performed.  More information can be found on their website Juliana’s Journey

*May Day brought back memories of elementary school dances around the Maypole. Crystal Trevino  shared memories from Serra Vista of “my mom making me that outfit they are wearing with a bonnet that we wore while we danced around that decorated pole…LOL” and Donald L Roberts remembers those days at Serra Vista as well. Carla Barbetti remembers the May Pole Dance at Spruce, and Eva Musante Castro shared her memories “A long time ago, every year May Day Dance @ Los Cerritos ;)” More good memories from Linda Baskin Aug  “Avalon Elementary School had the May Pole – the 4th grade class always did it and I was one who got to do it. It was so PRETTY and I can still recall the tune of the song. I loved the MAY POLE – many fond memories of it”

*Mario Salas, owner/creator of La Bouquetiere (539 Railroad Ave 228.2000) shares with ESC he will be extending his semi-annual warehouse sale to include Saturday May 12 (10-5) so we can get those special Mother’s Day gifts and a drawing will also be held with an awesome huge basket for the winner. Heavenly scents and healthy formulas are Mario’s trademark. Be there.  (see photo)


*Sad news that Robert Hageman died from a heart attack and our condolences are with his brother Don and their family and friends.  Memorial Fundraiser May 11 at the Bowl, donations in lieu of flowers can be made to Don Hagman Acct #79820 and sent to Sierra Point Credit Union 365 So Spruce SSF 94080 (see photo)

*Subculture Deli on Spruce in the back of Raymond’s is busier and busier as word continues to get out that this is one of the BEST deli’s on the peninsula. * Jeannette Y giving thumbs down at Lee’s Café on Grand for rude service and Ricardo Duarte recommends Cheung Hing, also on Grand, for their top notch food, superb service and great prices. Steve Carey gives rave reviews on Buon Gusto’s for great food and service with Eileen sharing that Buon Gusto’s special sausage is now available on Wednesdays as well as Thursdays. (see photo)

*SSFHS Band was gifted $1000 by the local Elks #2091 and the Jazz Band performed up at the Lodge during one of the Tuesday night dinners. Elk Leader, Patrick Currier, understands the importance of music in our schools and the need for organizations to step up and help when they can.

*Angelique Presidente shared Lama’s Kenpo Karate Presents ULTIMATE SLAM 2012 Tourney that was held at South City High School. Great opportunity for our kids – and adults – to show their stuff.  (see photo)

*We received news that one of our all time favorite Librarians, Ann Mahon, has retired and many expressed appreciation for all the wonderful work Ann did in our community, especially with our kids.

*Andy Saunders is working on a South City Reunion for August 25 in Pacifica for everyone from South City’; no specific class years or school, rather for us all to connect, catch up and enjoy an awesome day at the ocean.  Damn Dirty Apes LIVE on the Beach 2pm-9pm Concert & Potluck. More info contact Andy at 1 707.301.2238

*ESC folks agreed that Jonathon Rogge, son of South City Marie Brewer, has the moves going on workin’ it with his sign for Round Table off of Chestnut. He’s only been there 2 weeks yet it seems everyone has driven by and loves his moves. A sports enthusiast, Jonathon splits his time between South City and San Bruno.  Honk and stop on by RT, they are great help in our community fundraisers!

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8 years ago

Surveillance cameras are yet aoehtnr reason we citizens must be deligent is selecting good people to run our local, state, and national governments. As technology evolves there will undoubtedly be more opportunities for the system to be abused.There surely is much good that can come from hi-tech stuff but the dangers are real. There is, without question, a point of deminishing returns.My answer to your question is, I have avoided large towns and cities since the early-70s for the very reason you posted this article. Concern for personal privacy infringement overkill. I definately have a Thoreau/Emerson complex tempered by Woodstock type enlightenments.