Packer fans come to South San Francisco

Packer fans enjoy a pre-game dinner at Buon Gusto's on Grand Avenue

Packer fans enjoy a pre-game dinner at Buon Gusto’s on Grand Avenue

As we get ready for tomorrows great game between our 49ers and Packer’s it was great to see Packer Fans hit South City while enjoying some good food at Buon Gusto’s on Grand Avenue.

This was a special Christmas gift trip from daughter to mother and so far they have had a blast. They are looking forward towards the game tomorrow as well, yet win or lose, they will go back home and let everyone know how great they’ve been treated by locals. WTG!

We posted this on our Facebook page and over 30 people agreed and we will share a few comments here: … it’s all good! Packers are the best opposing team ever. GO 9ers

Okey Amuzie: GO PACK GO!

Leslie Lynch: Go Green Bay!!

Brian Lopiccolo: BS. Can’t stand the Packers. Especially this weekend. Go home cheese heads. NINERS. Who are u people. Your niner Haters.

Everything South City  put out the reminder: Niners are known for winning – not for hating

Kevin & Carmen Coreas: For that there is the NIINEERRSSSS!!!! Packers are staying @ the Marriott right now…

Oscar Noel: Sheesh, it’s just a game. No need to bash on the fans of the opposing teams. While you’re doing that, you’re making us look bad too.

Jason Fritts: Go Pack go!

Pam Monozon Riechel: How do we teach our kids not to bully with comments like that!?!

Deborah Mcgrath: Think of how much money they are leaving! ! Good for SSF!!

Carla Barbetti: @Pam – amen to that thought

JoAnn Willis replied the next day: Hope they enjoyed their meal and Buon Gusto. The game was not happy for them.

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