Community Youth Talent Showcase On Grand Avenue

Local Small Business Owners Showcase Community Talent

South San Francisco, CA May 24, 2013

Owners of  Physique Magnifique Fitness and Personal Training Center on Grand Avenue are once again reaching out to our community with low cost family events.  Owners Futaba Takashima and Jim Wilson have owned the gym on Grand Avenue for 18 years now and continue to add more types of training.  They now have Zumba as well as boxing, kickboxing, olympic lifting among other much sought after classes. Contact them at 583-8648 for more information.

From Wilson, ‘ Next Saturday, on June 1 from 3pm to 5pm, we are hosting our first Neighborhood Community Youth Talent Showcase. Please come and support our youth who will be showcasing their various talents. Tickets are on a sliding scale of $5 to $10, and only a limited number will be available, so please inquire at the front desk as soon as possible. Thank you!’ Everything South City continues to encourage our locals to especially support our small businesses as they support out community!

Physique Magnifique South San Francisco Neighborhood Talent Showcase


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