Sex Slaves Rescued in South San Francisco and Sacramento

SEX SLAVES Rescued, Pimps Arrested over by

Trader Joe’s.

South San Francisco, CA June 14, 2013

3 of the 4 suspects from yesterday's arrests that took place in South San Francisco and Sacramento  Photo NBC Bay Area News

3 of the 4 suspects from yesterday’s arrests that took place in South San Francisco and Sacramento
Photo NBC Bay Area News

Anita Porpoise shared this report of a sex ring being busted in Sac & SSF, with South City’s arrest in the Apts near Trader Joe’s “I cut through BART to go to Trader’s, and tonight there was CBS and NBC new vans parked by the apt where the arrest were made.”
Three women were kept as prostitutes in a 2 bedroom apt across from BART in SSF, which was one of the areas busted Thursday. Reports show 4 people were arrested between SSF/Sac with more than a dozen Asian women being rescued yesterday. This follows the arrests made this past Feb when a SF couple were using 4 women, including a minor, for sex slaves in a hotel on Airport Blvd. The California Justice Dept, FBI and local authorities were responsible for the raid.

Take away: It can happen anywhere. Be aware of women who might be from other countries that do not seem to have freedom of movement or are kept in the house with men coming and going, especially at night. Neighbors over by BART said they were aware of men coming and going at night. Neighbors must speak up, call 911 when things are happening in real time. Call the anonymous tip line 952-2244. Could be your daughter, sister, niece….. we can’t let this stuff continue in our city. Sadly it’s real, it’s here, and we have to be on the look out to make it be gone. Remember if something seems out of place, report it.

Last November 81% of Californian’s voted in favor of CA Prop 35 which:
Increases prison terms for human traffickers.
Requires convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders.
Requires criminal fines from convicted human traffickers to pay for services to help victims.
Mandates law enforcement training on human trafficking.
Requires all registered sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts.

South City friends weighed in after we posted this information to our facebook page:

Alan Lopez SWEET BABY JESUS I LIVE LIKE RIGHT THERE FOR CHRIST SAKES. what has this city become. We need a batman or a city super hero

Angelique Presidente Crazy!

Antonio Xavier Gomez So, does that mean my appointment has been cancelled ?

Cynthia Arias ^^^ Only YOU Tony!!! — this is crazy .. I am very glad they caught these people!!!

Carol A. Dowling Glad they caught them

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson The numbers of human trafficking are overwhelming. My firm has assisted with some of the cases. These girls don’t stand a chance unless we are proactive about what is being seen. They are not in this situation because they choose to be.

Gonzalo Gonzalez Jr holy shit

Whitney Connors-Pasion wow!!!! simply astounding and so so wrong!!!!!

Lynn Spicer Unreal!!!!

Sheryl Lopez-Farragher Shocking! Right in SSF. Glad they got them. Will keep eyes out in my area as well. Never know who we live next to. Shame.

Cathy Twochisncat They need to place a helpline on billboards/ radio and transportation vehicles in different languages like Russian,Spanish, Chinese etc. Poor women and girls are living in a hell on earth.

Chris Griffith News segment from KNTV/NBC

A network of brothels in Northern California uncovered in investigation, which led to the arrest of four people.

Marcy Escobar I’m with Alan L√≥pez, God b with us. Lower the dang rent at least!!!!

Lisa Marie Fidler Absolutely Hideous!!

Mike Gordon Legalize and zone the he’ll out of it and put the traffickers like this away for life, no parole, especially when a minor is involved… Be interesting to see if any politicians were johns…..

Andrea Villa I thought something was up when the Channel 5 news van passed me last night around 6:00 on Hillside Blvd going toward Trader Joe’s.

Renee Gomes This is terrible. Put the pimps away for LIFE. Maybe, just maybe that will stop them.


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Scott kew
Scott kew
9 years ago

I am a survivor of the sex slave business from 1969.It s been here alot longer than many think.
Unfortunately even 11 year old boys are not immune to this sickening trade. Keep up the good fight!