City Council Mtg Agenda: PUBLIC COMMENTS; SB 343 Public Comments from resident Kate Mckay

South San Francisco, CA July 23, 2013

City council candidate McKay to speak on Planned Parenthood Protests

Kate McKay will be addressing the city council tomorrow evening, Wednesday July 24th, on the issue of Planned

Ross Foti's graphic signs of fetuses remains a controversial topic

Ross Foti’s graphic signs of fetuses remains a controversial topic. Photo

Parenthood on Grand Avenue. McKay, having made her point known to Foti on the street, will now bring her information before the public during this council meeting. Foti is the Belmont resident who is known for his graphic fetus signs that he brings to his protests of Planned Parenthood in multiple cities. Recently San Francisco has ruled on  a larger ‘bubble’ around Planned Parenthood for the safety of patients wanting to utilize services at the clinic without being accosted  by Foti and his group. The SF Board of Supervisors voted unanimous to increase the 8 foot buffer to a  25-foot buffer zone around entrances. In 2009 Foti was arrested and required to go before the San Mateo County Superior Court in a case relating to Foti being banned from St. Matthews church due in part to his graphic pictures.

City council meetings start at 7pm the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at the City Council Chambers 33 Arroyo Drive (MSB) and can be viewed on your local TV channels; Astound CH26  and Comcast CH 27. The meetings are also streamed from the city website.

If you would like to speak at our city council meetings simply arrive a bit early, fill out the ‘speaker card’ in the back of the room, and return it to the clerk in the front left side of the room. When your name is called come forward to the podium, state your name and continue with your comments within the allotted 3 minutes. This is YOUR council meeting and your voice is important to all.

McKay’s 18 page comments can be read below:

Page 1

SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-002SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-003SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-004SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-005SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-006SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-007SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-008SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-008 SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-009SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-010SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-010 SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-011SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-012SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-012 SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-013SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-013 SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-014SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-014 SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-015SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-015 SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-016SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-017SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-018SB_343_Public_Comments_from_resident_Kate_Mckay-page-019

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Kate Mac Kay
Kate Mac Kay
8 years ago

Wow. Thank you for posting my handout. That is the handout I tried to get the protesters to take, but most refused once Foti told them to not take anything from me. If you will allow me, I would like to clarify my position on the clinic and being pro-life/pro-choice.

First of all, I used Planned Parenthood to obtain birth control when I was in high school in the early 1980’s. While my parent had insurance, I would never have asked my GYN for birth control for fear that my parents would find out. I appreciated the confidentiality of Planned Parenthood and the easy access to accurate information. Without Planned Parenthood, I would not have had access to birth control. Please note that back then the efficacy of condoms was around 58%; Non-oxynol-9 was not in them at the time.

I am pro-choice. When I was faced with an unplanned pregnancy and single, my choice was life. While I would like for all women who are able to choose life to do so, that is not my call to make. That decision is up to each individual woman and she answers only to her maker for that.

I was raised doing the one rose, one life fund raisers with the Knights of Columbus as my parents were very active in the pro-life movement. Because I was exposed to this as a child, I do not believe children should be used as pawns for these activities. As adults, it is our job to protect our children, not exploit them.

I hope that clears up matters.

Ruth de Larios
Ruth de Larios
8 years ago
Reply to  Kate Mac Kay

Hello Kate,

I am very impressed by all of your work. I read about your protesting Foti’s despicable campaign in the Daily Post.

Apparently he is completely ignorant of the Catholic Church’s history of slaughter, such as the Cathars in France, the Inquisition, the genocide of Native Americans. I could go on for pages.

Foti also ignores the Church’s present brutality. If he wants be helpful, he could get involved in the prevention of sexual abuse by clergy.