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South San Francisco, CA July 21, 2013

South City's Ryan Albovias shared this photo along with ideas where it is needed

South City’s Ryan Albovias shared this photo along with ideas where it is needed

Thanks to Ryan Albovias for this photo and timely idea.  Says Ryan, “We need this sign on Shannon Drive, before Oakmont. Also in other neighborhoods that has this problem too..”

Over 60 neighbors agreed today on our Facebook page with these folks offering some good locations. As our city sees more and more building nearly every neighborhood is becoming a ‘drive through corridor’ to use to get from one place to another. As our little suburb of south of San Francisco continues to see more development we ask ‘Anyone else know a neighborhood that could stand to have a few of these signs strategically placed?’

Georgia Kalogerias This sign is also needed on the split of Appian Way & Valleyview!!

Jaime Portillo Yes on randolph and madrone!!!!

Debi HdzHorny Also WM1 Felton * Duval….Idiots race driving..

Maria Jauregui-Lopez Holly Avenue!!

Ricardo Ånd Itzel Yup on linden and on spruce all along

Pati Dentice Grossman Hazelwood St needs them also.

Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer Hillside needs them too!!

Erika Lopez On Carmelo !!



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