Do you recognize this woman found dead on San Bruno Mountain?

South San Francisco, CA August 23, 2013

Do you recognize this woman? Her body was found last January 16 up on San Bruno Mountain. Reports indicate she had been dead for about 5 years and her body was partially buried. The San Mateo District Attorney’s office is hoping to reunite her body with her family and your help is needed. The coroner and investigators have provided this facial reconstruction.

The white woman was between 33 and 46 years old and her height was between 5.1 and 5.9 inches tall. Years before her death, investigators believe she had been in an accident her body had healed bone injuries on her pelvic bone and left arm from a possible traffic accident or a fall.

If you have any information that can help resolve this, please contact Brisbane police at (415) 508-2188, ext. 541 or (415) 467-1212

Found in January 2013, she was believed to have died 5 years ago Photo: Brisbane PD

Found in January 2013, she was believed to have died 5 years ago
Photo: Brisbane PD

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jacquie th
jacquie th
6 years ago

I do not know her but someone told me a story about a place in Brisbane called the witches castle. Her name was Roni and she recently burned her boyfriend Jacks trailer house to the ground. U probably know who she is. She said her and Jack were up there at the castle and she got a creepy feeling that someone killed some guy name Joe and through his body down the hill and covered it by throwing garbage on it. So she thought Joe was dead. He wasnt she saw him two days later. she told him what had her tripped out. So he must have got scared cause she told him that and started panicking cause the next day he went and tried to get a body of a womans body he new was located exactly where Roni thought he was and carried the skull of the poor who died thrown away and probably alot worse ,right into town and started fighting with cops cause he didnt wantto let go of the skull. According to Roni , this guy Joe had been appointed to make sure no one found the dead body. She says Joe and five other filthy troll pigs raped the woman and beat her amd killed her. She was a non english speaking woman alone here without her family. Roni also said, the guy joe and the same other five guys did the same thing to another woman but it had happened 20 years earlier, she said joe blame someguy for the 20years ago murder to take heat off of him having the skull.I guess the guy he blamed suppossed thave chnged his ways and was a. hard working family man. Anyway the guy who was convicted was involved in the kidnapping but it was a group of five that killed both. i dont know what is just made up orpart true or whats . The world seems really infested with evil nb

Maureen Sanchez
8 years ago

I just wanted to post – thank you – thank you for giving this doe a voice to hopefully be found by her family. Has she been entered into / What about the Charlie Project – and ? My sister was last seen alive on 11/30/1980. The trail of clues is long gone, I hope someday to see a story like this about her. I assume she’s deceased based on all leads followed and likelihood of her being alive all these years later. On behalf of families everywhere desperate to find their loved ones and give them a proper burial – thank you for running this story. I hope it gets traction and your doe gets her name back.