Shouts out to Mr. Midge Damonte; A favorite teacher and principal

South San Francisco, CA August 28, 2013
Thank you to Keith Shawn Henderson for sharing this photo

Thank you to Keith Shawn Henderson for sharing this photo


Our recent Throw Back Thursday included a photo of a favorite teacher and principal, Mr. Midge Damonte. He was the principal of Los Cerritos Elementary School in 1966. And we wanted to share the love so many of us have for this wonderful man. Thanks to those who chimed in and gave SHOUTS OUT to Mr. Damonte:

*Heather Mann  *William Dunnaway   *Pearl Zertuche   *Theresa James   *Jaime Gibbs   *Keith Shawn  *Whitney Connors-Pasion   *Tammy Gatlin  *Lesley Cassandras   *Charles Richmond    *Lisa Mares McCarley   *Ulises Reyes-Zarco   *Frank L. Cassady   *Terri Sandoval   *William Gorwood   *Beata Morena   *Sandy Searson Laubscher   *Kimberly Rogers- Sutter   *Marisa Tamburini Meier   *Robert Matthews   *Lynn Simmons   *Erica Aiello Lewis   *Allen Braun   *Robert Landucci   *Vickie Pfeiffer   *Judy Albonico Kraus   *Deb Freeman   *Laura Flynn Peradotto   *Susan Reilly   *Carrie Graham Korbus   *Jayne Peterson- Dimas   *Constance Maffei   *Christina Barnett Haas   *Ab Bryant   *Kamala Silva Wolfe   *Myla Jessica La Rocca   *Luna Sandoval   *Frank L. Cassady  *Dino Fontana * Lucinda Denning

Kimberly Rogers- Sutter I was his ta when I went to SSHS….

Jay Morena Who’s that young principal?!?! Hi Midge n Carolyn….say hi to all the “kids”

Pam Starr Cool.

Christine Robinson-Sbragia Love him

George Bernal When you look at a picture and you can pick out Mr Murphy and Mr, Cervantes out of the picture as well Mr,Damonte what a thrill thank you Mr, Damonte always a GENTLEMAN

Florence Alvezios Teani Hey Midge that was a few years after my Los Cerritos days! Hope you’re well!

William Gorwood Midge Damonte is one of the finest and most respected men I have ever known. A devoted educator, civic leader, family man, and friend; his entire life has been spent making a difference. I haven’t seen Mr. Damonte in many years, but still think of him with great fondness. He truly helped shape my life at a very young age; making me a better man, husband, father, friend, and public servant. Thank you Mr. Damonte. You will always have my love, friendship, and respect.

Diana Hidalgo Nations Just talked to Mr. Damonte last week at the DMV and he is doing well!!!!

Mary DeMars I thank God everyday that Mr Damonte was the principal of Los Cerrotos when my daughter, Lori, went to school there. He was strict, but fair. Exactly what was & is needed.

Lori DeMars Gotta love Mr. Damonte!

Sandy ‘Neideffer’ Leiendecker Mr. Damonte was the best! I spent K-3 there and they are great memories. That has to be Luis Cervantes

Tink Troy Los Cerritos Elementary School and Mr. Damonte….Such great memories! He still very active around So. City!

Amy McHale Mr. Damonte you are the best principle ever!! You have given do much to the school and the city!! Will never forget all the great field trips, picnics, baseball games and you dressing up for Halloween! You gave us all great memories! So glad you and Mrs. D where at my wedding!

Jeannie Smith Mr Damonte Thank you for the great memories. Jeannie Smith aka Costa

Frank L. Cassady Mr. Damonte was my 5th grade teacher at Martin school, I believe 1951. Even though he spanked me alot, I respected him and learned alot.

4 comments for “Shouts out to Mr. Midge Damonte; A favorite teacher and principal

  1. Daniel Damonte
    September 16, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Thank all of you for the sweet comments about my Father. I too, have very fond memories of being a part of the Los Cerritos Family. It was a really great part of our Family’s life and feel blessed to have been included in all the events. The Holloween Parades, camping trips, pancake breakfasts, summer field/camping trips, pet parades, the two week bus trip to Washington DC, etc, all are a part of who we have become. My Father is moved to tears when his former students remember him and share how he positively influenced their lives. Though he is now 87 years old, he still recalls the names of students he had 60+ years ago. Your school classroom pictures still adorn his home, for he too, cherishes that time in his life.
    Thank you for reminding him…of you !

  2. Carole (Shokat) Kochan
    October 22, 2013 at 12:48 am

    Sitting here with my husband Jerry just enjoying the memories the picture and comments evoke. What a treasured time we had at Los Cerritos Elementary with (I knew him as) Emanuele Damonte as our wonderful Principal! You could not ask for a better role model. Bless you Mr. Damonte,always.
    So we took our best shot at the kids in the picture with Mr. LaBlanc (?) Steve Colombo, Frank Ranuio, Luis Cervantes,Jack Murphy, Kenny Gussoni, Holly Lembcke, Rich Morgan(?),Danny Miramonte. Who is the boy next to Keith Henderson? Does anyone know what grade this was?

    • Editor
      October 22, 2013 at 1:11 am

      Hi Carole,
      The board in the photo says this is 6th grade, October 1966. Hopefully someone with a better memory can help fill in the names! Thanks.

  3. Laura Grgich (Messing)
    March 14, 2014 at 1:56 am

    Our family has so many pictures with Mr. Damonte in it as our Principal. Five of us went through Los Cerritos. Mr. Damonte had to chase my brother home through Mayfair Village. He says that he wanted to go home because he “Didn’t know how to make cut out bunnies.” That was Doug Messing.

    I remember best the menagerie of animals that we had at Los Cerritos. Piglets, chickens,
    ducks, raccoons. I loved that! It would never happen now. I have seen Mr. Damonte around
    So. City throughout the years. He always remembers my family name and asked about my parents.
    He is a most beloved man…..There are too few like Mr. Damonte.

    Laura Messing Grgich

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