South San Francisco to see MAJOR Developments El Camino Real AND Oyster Point Highrises

South San Francisco, CA August 15, 2013

The Planning Commission meeting this evening has a very intense agenda covering both major developments, including high rises, for El Camino Real and Oyster Point. For so long folks have asked to see our Safeway renovated and this may be part of the new 180 El Camino Real project. The area is 14.5 acres and would include  284 ‘living units’ with retail below.  The Oyster Point project in part would include a nine story parking structure, 200 room hotel, 20,000sf of retail and more.

The meeting starts at 7:30 Thursday August 15 at the MSB 33 Arroyo and is a public meeting and open for all to attend. Attendees are invited to speak on the items on the agenda or on any topic pertinent to the Planning Commission.  Here is more information on the meeting and the agenda which has links to the staff reports for more in depth material on each item.

This Thursday meeting has some historical items and definitely worth your attention now and in the near future.  Development will be a key issue in this November 2013 election, especially as we have Planning Commissioners as candidates for city council.  Everything South City will be updating this information regularly. Be sure you are signed up for our weekly digest so you can stay hooked up by other locals.

The Oyster Point Marina project, in part, is on the agenda as follows:

Britannia Cove at Oyster Point HCP Oyster Point III LLC/Owner Project Mgmt Advisors, Inc./Applicant 101 OYSTER POINT BLVD P12-0061: SPA13-0001, ZA12-0005. UP12-0004, PP12-0001, DR12-0029, TDM12-0004, SIGNS12-0032, DA12-0003, PM12-0002 and EIR12-0002 Britannia Cove at Oyster Point – Campus development including Specific Plan Amendments, a Zoning Text Amendment, Precise Plan, Use Permit, Design Review, Preliminary Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan, Master Sign Program, Development Agreement, Parcel Map, and Environmental Impact Report to allow the construction of 884,344 sf of Office/R&D development (7 buildings), a select-service hotel with approximately 200 rooms (including a restaurant) at 126,000 sf, 20,000 sf of retail including a second restaurant, a 9-story parking structure, surface parking, and other on- and off-site improvements, in accordance with SSFMC Title 19, and Chapters 20.040, 20.210, 20.300 , 20.310, 20.330, 20.360, 20.400, 20.450, 20.460, 20.480, 20.490, 20.530, and 20.550. (Recommend continuance Off-Calendar)

Centennial Village – A Transit Orientated Development

Below are some of the renderings of the proposed Centennial Village, a Transit Orientated Development – WT Mitchell Group at 180 El Camino Real at South Spruce and Huntington. This is where Safeway, Ballys’, Bedroom Express, CVS and Firestone are currently located. This development was originally built in 1965 and was home to White Front, Treasury, Bentwood Markets and other landmarks through the years.

The new development requires the demolition of  all the buildings and completing something close to the renderings below, with different phases being done in sequence. Plans for Centennial Village include 580 ‘at grade’ parking spaces with 812 provided within the structure.  Entrance and exits to the development would be accessible by two driveways on El Camino Real, and on South Spruce and on Huntington Avenue.

Phase I would include major tenants such as Safeway and undetermined company, and a health club, both levels of buildings A, B, C, and D and major tenant as the renderings below show. In addition phase I includes construction of all surface parking and landscape improvements, and construction of 180 parking spots above Safeway.


 View to Plaza from Intersection View from ECR & Huntington 2 Views View Aerial looking south View from ECR looking Northeast

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