Dudley Perkins 30th Annual Toy Run

South San Francisco, CA     November 8, 2013Dudley Perkins

This marks the 30th year that Dudley Perkins has sponsored the annual toy run to San Francisco’s General Hospital.  The run will kick off at 9:00am on Sunday December  8th at the South City business located at 333 Corey Way. Doughnuts and coffee will be served at 9am with run pins for the cost of $5. The run up to the city will start at 10:00am with a scenic ride to Alpine Beer Gardens for lunch following the visit to the hospital.

Dudley Perkins hosts many worthy events each year. “This is one of my favorite events! We dress up one of our customers who looks a lot like Santa Clause for the kids. The kids get toys and we all sing carols.” says South City’s Jessica Massoni  “This brings a little Christmas cheer for the little ones.”  Community members are more than welcome to help out Santa’s mission and drop off a toy at the South City store prior to December 8th.

Dudley Perkins is a local family owned business spanning 4 generations. They continue to support our community and ESC encourages our neighbors to do likewise. Support those who support us, especially our local small businesses.

Dudley’s is also working on their 33rd annual New Years Day Run and more information can be obtained by calling (650) 737-5467 or via their website HERE.

Dudleys new year run



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