Making your holiday $$ go further; SSF Library offers help

South San Francisco, CA             November 15, 2013

So many of us are working to stretch our dollars out a bit further as everything around us is going UP UP UP – except our paychecks. With the holidays around the corner there is a lot of stress that gets in the way of holiday cheer.

Big thanks to Adam Elshotz for sharing this information below with us from our library – sounds like a great learning session for us all. No one has $$ to burn….. spend smart (and local!)

Looking forward to shopping the holiday sales this year? Let the library help you get more deals for your dollars! We’ll be sharing the best apps and websites out there to help you save when shopping both online and in stores this holiday season. Many of the tips we’ll share will help you keep saving throughout the new year!

Three sessions from which to choose:

• Nov. 21, 6:15pm, Community Learning Center
• Nov. 25, 3:00pm, Main Library
• Dec. 10, 6:16pm, Community Learning Center

RSVP: (650) 829-3860 or

Holiday Deals


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