Who is going to bring home the BELL? Neighbors weigh in on Saturdays game

South San Francisco, CA    November 15, 2013

The Annual BELL GAME trophy

The Annual BELL GAME trophy


As everyone is getting ready for tomorrow’s big game between South City High Warriors and El Camino High Colts we had to ask our Facebook friends – who is it going to be? Who’s bringing home the bell this year.  Over 150 of our neighbors weighed in – what do you think? Will home field advantage help the COLTS as the game is played on their new field?

WHAT: 53rd Annual Bell Game – football game between SSFHS and ECHS

WHERE: El Camino High School Old Mission Road on their new field

WHEN: Saturday November 16

TIME:  11:am Jr Varsity   2pm Varsity Dedication between the games


So who is in it to win it?

Eddy Urbina Warriors 99

Ray Galarza Is that even a legit question??? EL CAMINO COLTS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raquel Blea Warriors…

Jeanne Corpus-Lutz it will stay at south city. thank you very much.. GO WARRIORS!

Ayde-Jason Cervantes WARRIORS BABY

Glen Wandersee Class,of 89 BIG BLUE….IM NERVOUS FELLAS!

Sheryl Lopez-Farragher COLTS !!!!

Peggy Noonan Colts!

Gisella Sehorn COLTS!

Monica Ratcliffe Munoz LETS GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joey Bernal The warriors!!

Lisa Mares McCarley Go Warriors!! From the Class of 1987!!

Jessica Fano Warriors!!

Ray Galarza SSF (2-7) and 0-4 on the road
EC (6-3) and 3-0 at home
Prediction: EC 24 – SSF 13

Mark Jeffrey Barlaan Warriors!!!!!

Barbara Haro Valencia Warriors!!!

Willy Rodas Warriors!!! c/o 96

Amanda Cabochan Balagot When is this?

Willy Rodas Wachu smokin Ray? Warriors all the way man.

Andrew Greenlee Warriors!!

Alicia Nicole Olsen WARRIORS

Melissa M. Minor Warriors…

Gisella Sehorn Lol Ray! You’re too much! EC BABY!

Monica Burke I heard the time was moved up 1 hour. Might want to double check that. Website still says 2. Band director said 1.

Lesley Cassandras Colts!!

German Gomez Fernandez Warriors

Maria Ceballos-Jimenez Colts!!! Lol

Sheana Singh WARRIORS!!!!!!!

William Shon II Stats don’t mean anything when elco and ssf play. There’s another level of competitive spirit and determination when these two meet and I’m not only talking about football.

Short Cakes Go colts!!!!’ Represent

Edwin Grijalva Let’s check stats lol numbers don’t lie

Natalia Cardenas Silly question, South City will have the bell!!

Maria Ceballos-Jimenez Colts!!!! Our kids are at El Camino! Lol

William Shon II Who would’ve thought there were so many Warriors supporters here? I see mostly elco posts so I assumed this was pretty much an elco group, probably a spirit issue!

Janina Bright Pulido Warriors!

Vanessa Flores WARRIORS!!!!

Allison Estolas We never had printed materials like that.

Beverly Spatafore Warriors……

Ernesto Gomez S SF warriors . Jaime Panuco que no Pelon .!!!!!!

John Kevranian Warriors!

Jasmin Sutter WARRIORS!!!

ND Cruz Warriors!

Kelly Hendrickson Warriors!!!!! ’03

Veronica Sarantakos GO WARRIORS!!

Maria Maldonado Barba Colts!!!!

Gigi Santinelli Santamaria Can’t wait to get to the Bell Game!!! Wooo Hoooo my son Jr is playing on Jr. Varsity, gooooooooo Waaarrrrrriiioorrsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the way baby!!!!

Karlette Solis Warriors !!!!

Christina Santos COLTS!!!!

Elizabeth Gamez US!!!!!!! W-A-R-R-I-O-R-S!!!!! Of Course!!!!!!!!! Go!! SSF!!!!!!!!

Juliette Dominique Juilly-Drolon Go Colts!

Theresa James Was there last year. Warriors more than prevailed!!!

Theresa James Also bought myself an SSFHS sweatshirt and the Bell game t-shirt – was our 30th high school reunion (Class of 1982 – Bright and Blue!)

Matt Stone When is the game

David Gordon this saturday

Ronnamarie Lama Go Colts!! We got this!!

Gigi Santinelli Santamaria Matt Stone it is going to be this Sat the 16th at El Camino

Sabine Roidmaier El Camino’s going to bring it back this year!

Jeanine De Los Reyes Sat Nov 16 at El Camino 2pm for Varsity

Jeanine De Los Reyes GO WARRIORS!!!

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Claude Thompson GO COLTS !!!!

Matt Stone @Gigi, thank you. Is that the right time 2:00. And how much are tickets. I will love to take my son

Melody Polo-Klein Warriors!

Gigi Santinelli Santamaria Yes Matt JV will play at 11 then Varsity at 2, I believe the tickets are no more than $10, but could even be less than that.

Mark McLaughlin SSF Football Warriors Logo Mark MclaughlinEnough said!!


Jackie Kravchenko Lagomarsino Did i miss the date somewhere?


Gigi Santinelli Santamaria this Sat the 16th at El Camino high.


Stacie Alvarado-Rivera Warriors!


 Jamie McLaughlin Warriors! Go South City!


Joe N Jennifer Richardson Go Warriors!!!!!!


Maria Pineda go Everything South City


Maria Pineda when is the game? it didn’t say


Jim Kamariotis Colts


Carla Barbetti What day?
Warriors no doubt


Natalia Cardenas Maria Ceballos-Jimenez well change them schools u sell out


Arnold Bedak ELCO!


Dee Tee Colts


Karen Romano Colts!!


Shelly Wynne Warriors all the way # 9 # 11


Art Lucero go so.city,


Shirley Clark Anguiano Warriors coming out to play of course


Gina McLaughlin Elias Warriors

Kelly Wynne Warriors!!!!!!!! For the 10th year in a row!!!.proud mama!!


Justine Foronda Cepriano Colts!!!


Barbara Barrett El Camino Colts!


Myla Jessica La Rocca Big Red!! Hubby went to S City & I went to EC. It’s on!!! Bring it, Colts!!!


Jose Chavez Big Blue! El Camino has always sucked.


Tony Moran South city all day. Do u really think that ex could pull off a win. Don’t think so.


Jose Chavez El Camino is like an awkward middle school.


Larry Nerney Warriors; my Alma Mater.


German Gomez Fernandez Hell nooo. Maria Ceballos-Jimenez u crazy. U went to so. city.


Jose Chavez I just looked at the pic. Varsity at 2pm? What. It should be a night game. Next thing you know, they’ll take away the pads and play with flags.


Yolanda Calderon Warriors baby!!


Jesse Mohr WARRIORS!


Alan Lopez South city always no doubt


Julia Cabrera Warriors!!!!


Darlene Johnson-Burnham Warriors. Go Big Blue!


Guillermo Gomez Warriors!


Amanda Dominguez Lol is this a trick question? Warriors!


Richard Soriano Cocadiz Dubs!


Jessica Dominguez WARRIORS!!!!!!!!




Okey Amuzie Warriors. GO SOUTH CITY!


Queeny FaalupengaPula Fautanu Mulipola Im a WARRIORS(c/o’09)for LIFE!!but this year is my brothers senior year&he’s been playing for the colts since his freshman year!!so of course im cheering for my brother!!gonna be a good game this sat!!cant wait!!


Samantha May Warriors!!


Rodrigo Martell Warriors


Nadine DeSanto of course the COLTS!


Smith Jack GO WARRIORS (’56)


Florecita Cervantes Warriors!!!!!


Nick Herron So elco gunna get another south city ass whoopin only difference is it will be at there home field lol


Maria Mabutas Warriors


Jose Gomez Warriors u already know


Ariana Escue Warriors!!!


Jordy Grgich Go Baden High School!


Debbie Lallas Colts!


Deana Bortoli Guzman Warriors!


Fernando Solis Did el camino get they’re bleachers put in yet! Where’s it gonna be held


Lestell Morales Colts!


Maribel Chiquinquira Segura Who’s got the bell south city’s got the bell!!!

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9 years ago

ladies and gentleman let smack begin saturday south city warriors take on the defending open central coast section champions the serra padres in my favorite of the is serra padres. lets go padres a little warning south city dealing with the 6man crowd. i hope that serra beats south city buts. south city enjoyed hearing serra fight song. lets serra

kick off starts at 1:00pm

Angelique Presidente
9 years ago

$6 at the door! EC Fans get the $20 pack includes Bell Game shirt & commemorative entry ticket
JV at 11 Varsity at 2pm ceremony in between the two games

Diedra Walker
Diedra Walker
9 years ago


Jack Smith
Jack Smith
9 years ago

Warriors of course! Though they have a losing season, when the chips are down and the big game is on – they will come through. Class of 1956 (Am I the oldest alumni here?)