Suspects on the loose after pistol whipping victim at McDonald’s on El Camino Real

South San Francisco, CA     November 25, 2013

On Friday afternoon Everything South City friend Dan Parks shared on our Facebook page of a crime happening in real time at McDonald’s on El Camino. Dan routinely shares with us what is happening so we know in real time what to look out for and what areas to avoid in case of police activity.  Today our Police Department released a media bulletin with more information.

Dan had alerted us that PD were searching for the 4 suspects,  and today’s report states they have NOT  been caught. In  fact there were five suspects (one was driver) and none have not been caught – YET. Someone knows something and needs to step up to help our community be safe, this victim could have been anyone of us or our family/ friends. Anonymous tip line 952-2244.
#1 Male 20-25, hispanic, wearing blue jeans & black shirt had silver handgun
#2 Male ADULT age not given, white, 5’8″, wearing blue jeans, light green hoodie, grey cap, carrying a grey messenger bag w/ white lettering
#3 Male ADULT age not given, hispanic, 5’8″-5’10”, wearing red sweatshirt
#4 Male hispanic, ADULT age or description not given
#5 Male hispanic, ADULT age not given, heavy set and driver of the car.
Suspect #2 or #3 were possibly armed with a 2nd weapon black semi auto hand gun.

ESC is sending good thoughts out to the guy who was struck and thanks to PD for seeing this situation did not escalate. We’ve all seen too many incidents on the news where similar situations have resulted in gun fire and innocent by standers taking the hit. Again, anyone with info PLEASE contact PD 952-2244. We have it on really good sources that line really is anonymous and your identity will not be traced or disclosed. If these guys get away with this, they just might try this again and the results could be much worse. #shareworthy #findtheseguys #criminalsontherun

SSFPD 11.22.13 Armed Robbery-page-001




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  1. November 30, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    When did innocent bystanders get hit by gunfire or stray bullets?

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