SSFPD Media Release: DUI Collision

South San Francisco, CA    March 17, 2014   Submitted by SSFPDSSFPD logo

On Monday, March 17, 2014 at approximately 2:52 am, a white Toyota Corolla driven by South City resident 23 year old  Von Ioasa Suesue, who is unemployed,  collided with a parked vehicle on the 800 block of Maple Avenue. Officers contacted Suesue at the scene of the collision and he was found to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages and Oxycontin. Suesue was also found to be in possession of several Oxycontin pills that he did not have a prescription for. Suesue was placed under an-est for driving under the influence of alcohol beverages and a narcotic, driving a motor vehicle with a suspended license, and possession of a controlled substance.

Please remember that it is never safe to drive while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, includi ng prescription drugs.  Remember, use 9-1-1 to report drunk drivers!

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