Westborough Shopping Center Update March 2014

South San Francisco, CA    March 22, 2014  Submitted by Ed Klein

Westborough Square Update:

As of this week, the new Gellert Blvd. entrance is open and accessible to the Westborough Shopping Square. Construction on the buildings is ongoing, and apparently it will still be a few more months before any of the new stores and restaurants are open for business. Currently it’s still just Walgreens, Philz Coffee, and Bank of the West. But at least you can drive or walk around and take a sneak peek at the new Square. With the new entrance, you can now get to Walgreens from Southbound Gellert Blvd. or Eastbound Westborough Blvd. without going down to Junipero Serra and making a U-turn.

Westborough Square Update Photo: Ed Klein

Westborough Square Update
Photo: Ed Klein

Collier Update

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Laura J.
Laura J.
9 years ago

The parking situation is an absolute liability in this lot. Traffic is either at a complete standstill with a half dozen cars per row waiting for someone to pull out, or people completely carelessly back out of parking spaces at 25mph with little to no regard of other cars or people. I’m glad the shopping center is here, but the layout is assanine. You can’t even get from the nail shop/Five Guys to Philz/the bank without having to scale rocks and climb through bushes. Terrible, terrible planning on this one.

eric deng
9 years ago

Hi Dear, I am very interesting in the space 103. Can you please call me or let me know your contact info..

Mark Lee
Mark Lee
10 years ago

What type of internet services are available. I understand that AT&T will be onsite, however, their bandwidth is very weak. Will Comcast be available?

Phu Nguyen
Phu Nguyen
10 years ago

Hello Sir/ Madam,
My name is Phu Nguyen. I’m looking for a space to open a nails salon. I see unit 103 is available. I would like to ask some information about this unit:
How much is the lease?
How long is the term?
Does this unit have a restroom in side?
Is this unit OK by the owner to allow us to open business as a nail salon?
Would you please contact me at 707-812-8553 ASAP or send me a fly for the information about this unit
I greatly appreciated for your reply and your time.
Phu Nguyen

Kevin MacNeil
Kevin MacNeil
10 years ago

What other stores and business will be going into the shopping
I know there’s a Bank of the West Philz coffee and Pacific market
and Walgreens

Cynthia Marcopulos
Cynthia Marcopulos
10 years ago

It’s too bad with all this renovation that there is no real draw to this shopping center, like a big department store.

The only draw they really had before was Pet Club, and now that’s relocated to a better location with easier parking on Chestnut, thank goodness.