Arbor Day Celebration Success At Alta Loma Park

South San Francisco, CA       April 26, 2014         

Today’s event at Alta Loma Park brought out a great group of like minded neighbors to share in the celebration of Arbor Day. The City sponsored function gave folks the opportunity to help beautify the local park at Alta Loma by tree, bush, and flower planting. Today’s event was organized by the Parks & Recreation Department. Director of our Parks & Recreation Sharon Ranals is committed to seeing our community involved in our beautification programs knowing it brings pride to residents that participate.

“About 60 people, half of them being children and young adults, participated.  It was a very well planned event with plenty of trees, shrubs, flowering plants, tools, mulch, etc.” said Community Leader Sonny Koya ” There were a lot of refreshments.  Council members Rich (Garbarino), Karyl (Mayor Matsumoto)  and Pradeep (Gupta) also participated and did heavy digging and planting like others. It was a great event.”

Everything South City thanks Sonny for covering today’s event.

Karyl Rich Gupta SK MK larger Trees provide privacy and wind breakers for homeowners SKMK Sonny and groundcover SK MK workers SKMK city worker ready to break tree out of planter SK MK boys planting a tree and overseeing work SK MK Great turn out little kids working SK MK large tree with kids watching sk MK digging begins SK MK meetin up before getting started SKMK Sharon Ranals with hard working family SK MP



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