SSF Officials to attend 2014 BIO International Convention

South San Francisco, CA   June 19, 2014    Submitted by City of South San FranciscoSSF logo

Aiming to cement the City’s position as the number one destination for biotech in the United States, officials from the City of South San Francisco will attend the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) International Convention in San Diego from June 23 to 26, 2014. The BIO International Convention is the largest, most influential biotech meeting in the world, regularly attracting over 15,000 of the most powerful biotech and pharmaceutical players from 65 nations engaged in innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental technologies.

South San Francisco is widely recognized as the center of the country’s largest biotech community and biotech innovation. “Biotech lives in South San Francisco,” affirms Mayor Matsumoto. “It’s in our DNA.”  Through participation at the convention, city officials plan to deepen ties with existing South San Francisco biotech companies and work with other companies to relocate their operations to South San Francisco. This year, the City of South San Francisco is a “platinum level” event sponsor and will be the only city with elected officials in attendance at the conference. Through this exclusive sponsorship, the City will have full access to activities, priority use of facilities, a key booth location at the BIO conference and use of the conference stage for events.

South San Francisco Mayor Karyl Matsumoto will speak at the conference as part of a panel discussion specifically covering South San Francisco’s unique position championing the bioscience industry. The South San Francisco delegation has scheduled twenty one-on-one meetings with biotech related companies to discuss opportunities in South San Francisco with additional meetings expected. California State Assemblymember Kevin Mullin will also be at the conference in support of South San Francisco. He will take center stage at the California Pavilion Booth on Wednesday, June 25 from 2:30 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. to moderate a forum event about South San Francisco’s exclusive role in making biotech history.

“The future of biotech is here in the City,” said Mayor Matsumoto. “We must do everything we can to create ample opportunities for all in South San Francisco.”

This year the BIO International Convention expects greater attendance due to the scheduled participation by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who will deliver one of the keynote addresses on Wednesday, June 25 at noon.

[Update] The City of South San Francisco has participated in every BIO International Convention in the last decade, sending delegations to cities such as Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Atlanta. Attending the BIO conference this year are Mayor Karyl Matsumoto, Vice Mayor Richard Garbarino, Councilmember Mark Addiego and Councilmember Pradeep Gupta. In 2016 the BIO International Convention will be held in San Francisco, allowing the City of South San Francisco an opportunity to showcase its number one status as the country’s leading biotechnology center.

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