SSF’s Junior Giants Program Kick Off With Healthy Tips From Kaiser

South San Francisco, CA   June 23, 2014  Submitted by Kaiser Permanente

Kids and Parents get Healthy tips from Kaiser Permanente at SSF’s Junior Giants Program Kick OffKaiser JR Giants

The Jr. Giants program in South San Francisco threw out the first pitch at their annual kick off meeting, Tuesday, June 19th.  More than 220 parents and children were on hand to learn about this great program that provides a free, non-competitive, co-ed baseball experience for young people, ages 5 – 18.  

Among those talking with the children and parents was Dr. Dawn Belardinelli, Chief of Pediatrics, Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco.  Dr. Belardinelli talked about the importance of healthy eating… being active and avoiding sugary drinks.  “It is so important that both children and parents realize sports drinks contain a lot of sugar and are not healthy,” said Dr. Belardinelli.  “I was happy to be part of this event and enjoyed learning this year that the Jr. Giants program will be allowing only healthy snacks and drinks at each game.”  

Dr. Dawn Belardinelli, Chief of Pediatrics, SSF Kaiser

Dr. Dawn Belardinelli, Chief of Pediatrics, SSF Kaiser

The Junior Giants supply all the equipment needed such as: baseballs, pitching machines, shirts, hats, gloves, bats and catchers equipment.  Celebrating its 20th year, the Junior Giants program now reaches over 21,000 children in 90 leagues across California and into Nevada and Oregon

Bill Stridbeck SSF Commissioner Jr Giants

Bill Stridbeck SSF Commissioner Jr Giants

The Jr. Giants goal is to teach the spirit of baseball and at the same time educate the children and parents about the importance of Leadership, Confidence, Integrity and Teamwork which is a key that coaches incorporate into all their weekly practices.  “This is a great training program for this year’s 185 boys and girls who may not think they are good enough to play in a team sport or take on a new adventure,” said Bill Stridbeck, Commissioner of the Program in South San Francisco the past 5 years. “It gives them the confidence they need to help accomplish their goals.

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