Local Teen Creation Brings Magic To All; The Birth of Silly Izzy

South San Francisco, CA  July 28, 2014

silly izzy profile

Silly Izzy is the brain child of 17 year old Isabel Cervantes

It was her love for art, and for Halloween, that got Isabel Cervantes  started in face painting. Practicing on herself and her brothers helped this South San Francisco  High School Graduate realize she had a natural talent which prompted her to step up to ‘clown’ at a family’s birthday party. The party for her cousin’s daughters 1st birthday was a great success and Silly Izzy was born and her business is taking off. ‘My face painting training is done mostly at home as I practice on myself. And sometimes on my brothers, cousins or even on family friends kids that come over!’


Silly Izzy at work

Silly Izzy at work


Since starting her business Facebook page, ‘SILLY IZZY’, Isabel has been asked for her services in face painting and clowning at other parties. ‘Every party is a training session because there is usually something I have never done.” Isabel tells us. ‘I usually go as a clown to parties and try to keep it as a clown. Yet I have done parties as a female Captain America and a Fairy Princess. If someone has a special request, and the costume costs are reasonable and easy to make, I’ll try to make that dream come true.’




silly izzy balloonSilly Izzy has added animal balloons to her repertoire and was excited to get her first balloons last Christmas. ‘I started watching youtube tutorials; I picked up leaning how to make the balloons very quickly although I am still learning how to make more detailed projects. All of my work is self taught through youtube tutorials, trial and error practice, and patience.’ Isabel explains. ‘I love what I do and I plan on continuing for a very long time. I hope to one day learn magic so I can put on magic shows for the kids but I think that’s going to have to wait until I master the balloons completely!’


Silly Izzy shares a very serious message 'Do NOT drink & drive'

Silly Izzy shares a very serious message ‘Do NOT drink & drive’

Isabel practices more of the detailed artwork on herself, projects that are more appropriate for Halloween. ‘I enjoy doing special effects like scars and wounds. I actually love all art; drawing, painting, sculpting, you name it I probably love it!’ Isabel participated in the 2014 South San Francisco School’s Every 15 Minutes and knows the make up used in these productions washes off.  But her commitment to encouraging her friends and others not to drink and drive prove she has a very serious side. ‘Silly Izzy would just like to remind everyone to NEVER drink and drive!! I participated in a program called Every 15 Minutes with my high school and drunk driving is NOTHING to joke about!  This video is very touching and I want everyone to stay safe! Remember, Drink and Drive or Stay Alive.. The Choice is Yours‘ she writes on her Silly Izzy Facebook page


Currently attending Menlo College working towards a Business Degree with a Masters Degree to follow, Isabel says she’d one day like to open a Cupcake Shop so she can combine her love of baking and creativity with her desire to be her own boss. ‘But who knows’ Isabel continues,  ‘I might end up in the clown business for good!’


If you are interested in learning more about Silly Izzy please CLICK HERE or contact her at sillyizzy96@gmail.com. And while she is modest that her clowning is a work in progress she smiles and says ‘The best part of the gig is seeing a person pleased with my art work, honestly nothing is more fulfilling than the smile of a satisfied person.’


Kids line up with ooohs & aaahs

Kids line up with ooohs & aaahs

silly izsy older face

Silly Izzy works magic on kids of all ages

sillly izzy face paint

Silly Izzy is available to entertain at YOUR next party


silly izzy batman big

Big Batman

silly izzy batman

Junior Batman

silly Izzy wound art

Silly Izzy has a great selection of special effects perfect for Halloween. Contact her NOW!

silly izzy christmas cat

The many faces of Silly Izzy

3 comments for “Local Teen Creation Brings Magic To All; The Birth of Silly Izzy

  1. Auntie Jenn
    July 28, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    You are the best Isabel! Keep sharing that joy you have in your heart — it’s contagious and you make people smile. You make us all proud! Love you!

  2. Great Grandma Rose
    July 29, 2014 at 10:03 am

    Wow, Isabel……you are incredible and so talented! I hope Silly Izzy continues to make kids of all ages laugh and smile with their beautifully painted faces.

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