Planet Pooch offers Herders Huddle FREE Event July 19

South San Francisco, CA  July 16, 2014   Submitted by an SSF Pet Owner/ Lover JY

Planet Pooch offers FREE Events

The Founders of Planet Pooch

The Founders of Planet Pooch

It’s tough being a herding dog when there aren’t any sheep around. How about some off-leash playtime instead? On Saturday, July 19, all herding dogs are invited to chase and leap to their hearts’ content at Planet Pooch! Collies, sheepdogs, shepherds, mountain dogs, and more – they’re all welcome to roam in our off-leash grass field while their owners catch a break!

We’ll provide food and drink for the humans (feel free to bring your own to share) and plenty of clean, fully fenced space for the dogs to roam!

This event is totally free and open to both the public and Planet Pooch customers. All attending dogs must be fixed and well socialized to keep the afternoon safe and fun. All herding dogs are welcome (siblings ok!). Check back for future events for other dog breeds.

Please note: this is a 21+ event.

WHERE: PLANET POOCH 113 S Linden Ave, South San Francisco

WHEN:  Saturday, July 19, 2014  to

(Note this event is for larger dogs and a similar event will be held for smaller dogs in the near future, per Plant Pooch)


About Planet Pooch

Commanders Dan, Ken and Marna discovered Planet Pooch near the end of the last millenium. Immediately they knew that this was the perfect place for pooches of all persuasions to play and socialize.

Working tirelessly, the Commanders transformed Planet Pooch to provide a clean, safe and secure habitat for dozens of friendly pooches. To accomplish their mission, the Commanders enlisted the help of some able-bodied Mission Specialists. Each of them brings unique skills and talents to their position.

Communications Officer and Canine Behavior Specialist Pia advises and counsels the humans who visit Planet Pooch in the ways of dogs. Fluent in Swedish, English and Dog, she helps both species understand one another.

Special Force Kainos do much of the hard work at Planet Pooch. Each Kainos Force member has special training in ball throwing, cuddly and dog safety.

The Commanders and Mission Specialists invite all friendly pooches on the peninsula to visit Planet Pooch and discover how good dogs and understanding humans can accomplish great things.



At Planet Pooch, your pal can run around all day with the big dogs and then cool off in the pool — whatever makes his day. We offer several different play areas for all types of dogs based on their size and personality. We have a high attendant-to-dog ratio and your dog is constantly supervised by our well-trained staff. We offer several amenities for the enjoyment of both you and your dog.

  • 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor playspace
  • 7500 gallon pool
  • Climate Controlled
  • Field Turf
  • Live Webcam
  • Salon
  • Beach entrance — so dogs can wade to the pool


It’s the next best thing to being home. After a full day of playing and socializing, your pooch will snuggle up to one of his favorite Planet Pooch family members for a good night’s sleep. If your pup doesn’t have furniture privileges, we can provide a comfy mat at the foot of our bed. We can also accommodate those who don’t want to break their crate training and still sleep next to a human. Whatever rules apply at your home, apply at ours. Your pooch never sleeps alone at Planet Pooch.

Only dogs who have gone through the daycare admissions process at Planet Pooch are eligible for sleepovers. All dogs must attend at least one full day (6 hours) of daycare before their first overnight visit. If your dog is not eligible please see our Daycare Application.


Dog Training with K9 Essentials and Cerena Zutis

Cerena’s dogs, Mariah and Little Guy can be viewed on youtube New videos of Little Guy and Mariah will be posted on youtube soon. Little Guy has many new “tricks” to show off and Mariah is still a pro – so please check back!.

Cerena has been a professional dog trainer since 1988. She is also a certified behavior counselor and teacher. Cerena strongly believes that the canine-human bond is an extraordinary and wonderful interspecies relationship that should be nurtured. She employs highly effective positive reinforcement dog training methods and focuses on the individual strengths of each dog and human to bring into play techniques that work best for each individual team.

Effective January 12th, PUPPY PLAY SOCIALS moved to Sundays at 2:10 PM 

PLEASE NOTE: PUPPY PLAY SOCIALS are on hold until mid-summer. 

It is important to safely socialize your puppy with other puppies, dogs and people!

If your plans for your puppy include growing up to be a dog that you can safely take anywhere on or off leash, you need to socialize them well before they reach 16 weeks of age. Some trainers do not believe in socializing puppies, other than a meet and greet. It is always a good idea to ask your trainer if their training approach will help you achieve your goals. 

AVSAB on the importance of Puppy Socialization:

Upcoming 2014 Classes listed on Class Schedules Page

Cerena also offers private training in your home as well as Board & Train.


Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog is our full-service dog grooming salon at Planet Pooch. We offer bathing and grooming for all dogs; all breeds, sizes and coat types. Our groomer, Melissa, is studying to become a Nationally Certified Master Groomer. Currently, grooming services are only available in Redwood City. Services in South San Francisco are coming soon.

Melissa & Nancy Melissa’s Background and Experience

  • Working with a variety of animals since 1989.
  • Working with dogs since 1998.
  • Bathing and grooming dogs since 2002.
  • Pet grooming training from Linda Easton, NCMG (Nationally Certified Master Groomer) formerly of Canine Concepts of Morgan Hill, CA.

Nancy is Melissa’s right hand gal. She started as a daycare attendant at Planet Pooch in 2002. Ken recruited her to the groom shop in 2003 and mentored her for almost a year. She has no formal training, but her love of animals and work ethic has made her an asset to Hair of the Dog.


The stars come out Monday through Friday, 7:00am-7:00pm PST.

Redwood City

  • Canis Minor — Featuring dogs that are 25 pounds or less, excluding boisterous players.
  • Central Bark — Featuring dogs with puppy personalities and with a few grown ups to chaperone.
  • Canis Major — Featuring confident adults and a few young troublemakers.
  • Splash Down — The Pool.
  • Intergalactic — A room that is sometimes used for dogs that are 25 pounds or more, with puppy personalities along with smaller, more boisterous players.

South San Francisco

  • Canis Minor — Featuring dogs that are 25 pounds or less, excluding boisterous players.
  • Canis Minor Outdoor — Featuring dogs that are 25 pounds or less, excluding boisterous players.
  • Space Lab — Featuring dogs with puppy personalities and with a few grown ups to chaperone.
  • Central Bark — Featuring dogs with puppy personalities and with a few grown ups to chaperone.
  • Splash Down/Dwarf Star — The Pool.

Note: occasionally we move whole packs to different rooms, so if you don’t see your pooch in his/her regular room, check out the other rooms too.


For more information CLICK HERE

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