Elderly man missing from Seton area in Daly City- please share

South San Francisco, Ca  December 28, 2014 missing senior out of DC 12.2014

Hey Good Neighbors – your help is really needed in bringing an elderly gentleman back home- he’s been missing from Seton since early December. Here is info from his Granddaughter Yocelin. Please keep your eyes & ears open and share this with others.

‘Good Afternoon, my name is a Yocelin Calderon. My grandfather has been missing for almost 2 weeks. He was last seen at Seton Medical Center in Daly City and since then we haven’t heard of or from him.

He hurt his head real hard that day, that he lost a portion of his memory and he possibly doesn’t know who he is.
Its the Holidays and he deserves to be home with his loved ones.

So if anyone has seen or heard of him please report him to the Police or contact me @ 415-902-8316

Thank you

Yocelin Calderon

Yocelin updated information on our FB page as over 130 shares of this was made via social media from our page. Some neighbors asked if other hospitals were searched to which Calderon replied;

Thank you everyone for your support. I have checked many hospitals and nothing. Posted flyers up still nothing. I just hope my grandfather is okay. He has no ID and he doesn’t speak English. The night he went missing he hurt his head so I’m thinking he probably lost his memory. Thank you again everyone for your support



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