Off The Wall: This, That and the Other (December 28 2014)

South San Francisco, CA   December 28, 2014

Off The Wall is a collection of information from our Facebook page

Anna DeMarco Tholl asked yesterday “What happened to the florist next to Little Lucca? It is closed down.”
ANSWER: El Camino Florist (Andy & Pat) have moved a few places down ECR and they are now next to Suga Mama’s Cafe next to SSFHS. Be sure to stop by and welcome them to their new digs!

  Juliana Vazquez-Lara The original owners of the property plan on opening their own business and are fixing it up.

Yolanda Buckley Thank you for letting me know about Pat and Andy moving

SSFUSD has posted this on December 24th along with the message the District offices are closed Dec 22- Jan 2nd (school starting on the 5th) Since there is no one at District anyone else has info/thoughts on this?

African-American Parent Advisory Committee Forming

South San Francisco Unified School District is Establishing Our First African-American Parent Advisory Committee

All parents and/or guardians of students who are of African or African-American descent are welcome to be Engaged, Empowered, and Uplifted, to make decisions that will improve the quality of education for our students.

Please join us:
Wednesday, January 7, 2015
7:00 p.m.
This meeting will be at Westborough Middle School.
Westborough Middle School is located at 2570 Westborough Blvd.

Childcare will be provided.
Please help us plan for the meeting by RSVP’ing below


Little help please: Our neighbor Moserod OSe has posted that her “roof is leaking. I won’t let my 80 yr husband climb on roof to see what is happening with it. who to call if emerg for it. My access to internet iffy, only when my pc feels like connecting.”Weather reports say to expect more rain starting tomorrow – if anyone has info to offer Moserod – thank you.

  • Cynthia Arias try Mr. Roofing. They are local here in SSF South San Francisco, CA 94080
    Phone number (650) 872-3232 Ask for Carlos Rodriguez


     Anita Porpoise LX Call non-emergency number for SSF police or the Magnolia Senior Center; they will have referrals for low income house repairs

     Sally Johnson Central Roofing 320 Victory Ave SSF, 650-589-4173 ask for Angel. He is a family friend and did my roof. Never had a problem. Good Luck.

     Raul Duenas Mr. Roofing

    Carlos Gonzalez Oscar Morales


     Oscar Morales Call us at MrRoofing & Solar Universe
    Roofing Contractor 101 1st Street, South San Francisco, CA 94080 (650) 755-3438
    We take pride in our work and stoping leaks tell them oscar referred u

    Barbara Demattei In an emergency for roof leaks, call the SSf Fire Dept. 911
    Moserod OSe Thank everyone for your responses.
    Susan Reilly Thanks for the referral–I need to call also
FRIDAY FREE FOR ALL is a post we start on our FB page where neighbors promote their businesses, invite us to events, shout out friends, and more. We do this every Friday and below are some  of our recent shares:
Yessenia Solis Your little one’s birthday or some one special in the family. How about a new baby on the way? Get a hair bow or headband as a gift! Check out my little online shop! all bay sports available
  • Psst Hulafrog subscribers! Enter to win $250 from Target. Want extra chances to win? Share the giveaway with friends and family.



    Jennifer Barbeau Bousquet Attention SSF friends: Want to shop local and get something wonderful for that special someone this holiday season? Consider a gift subscription to the Live at Mission Blue Concert Series. For the low price of $60 ($40 for seniors) you can give someone 4 delightful concerts! Give the gift of music! I took my small son to every concert last season, and he loved it. You don’t have to go to the City to fight traffic and find parking and pay high ticket prices! This great concert series is right around the corner from you at the Mission Blue Center in Brisbane on San Bruno Mountain. Join us! and

    Live at Mission Blue


    Cindy Alger Exciting News!! We are thrilled and proud to announce that after being Real Estate Agents with Prudential California Realty San Bruno for 18 years…this December, our office will be changing its name to Berkshire Hathaway Home Service California Realty! Berkshire Hathaway is a powerful and trusted name owned by Warren Buffet. Same great service…just a different name! “Keeping your best interest at heart”. Call us for a free market analysis or home buyer guide.
    #sanbrunohomes #ssfrealestate


    Shana Mendoza Looking for a live band for your holiday party. Check out this 10 piece band, the Silicon Valley Houserockers at
    They also do weddings etc. Or if you don’t have New Year’s Eve plan and looking for a reasonable place to go, check them out at the Los Gatos Lodge. Tickets are on sale for $20.00 per person and the lodge has rooms.
    THE HOUSEROCKERS are a Rock & Soul band out of Los Gatos, CA that plays for you the greatest songs ever…


John Kevranian owns a great shop in Burlingame Nuts For Candy
The New Redwood City facility opening today is the third new hospital Kaiser Permanente has opened in Northern California this year. Kaiser Permanente began large-scale facilities work in 2002-2003 with the debut of a major hospital construction effort in Northern California. The main thrust of the program was to create or enhance facilities to embrace new technologies and other advanced features of modern health care. Another component of that work involved seismic upgrades to meet newer, more stringent requirements that were enacted by the state after the Loma Prieta and Northridge earthquakes. More information CLICK HERE
South San Francisco Firefighters make big difference in many of our lives, and we thank you. From Laura Flynn Peradotto “Would like to thank the Fire Department for droping off the food box”
Guess what’s coming to town next month? Well to Daly City but it’s for South City’s benefit too. Mark the calendar January 28th from 4-6pm at the Daly City Rotunda for the SF GIANTS WORLD SERIES TROPHY TOUR.  More info CLICK HERE
Photo Jaime Mack

Photo Jaime Mack

Thank you to Jaime for this beautiful photo share of the homes in the Parkway Estates neighborhood. If you have not yet had the opportunity to view them, do it. Dress warm, park close by, walk the few short blocks, talk with all our neighbors – enjoy a bit of the season. Located off of Chestnut Avenue near Hillside Blvd. for those who may not know. It’s the ‘Lilac Lane’ of this decade.
Again, Big Thanks to our Parkway Estate neighbors and to each and every one of you who have put some sparkle into the holidays for everyone to enjoy. To view photos from our archives from last year’s Holiday Display at Parkway Estates please CLICK HERE

This photo garnered over 230 LIKES and the following conversations;
  • Eileen O’Donoghue Love the decorations there!!!
    Paul Robert Theisen I remember when Lilac Lane did lights. I loved those days.


    Dave Crimmen Fan Page WHATTTTTTTTTTTT??????? No Lylac Ln. ???????????????????
    Everything South City to  Dave Crimmen Fan Page you must get over the hill and check it out!!(Dave Crimmen is our local musican extradoire leading the rock n roll scene. You can find him at 16 Mile House, Grape in the Fog and other local venues)


    Bonnie Anne Phillips Absolutely beautiful


    Tim Hopkins Lilac Lane still does some houses. Drove by there last night…
    Teresa Teani I used to live on lilac back in the days…. a lot here having a hard time getting stuff set up do to their age.
    Everything South City to Teresa Teani Hopefully they will know the legacy and memories they gifted to so many of us!


    Vickie Pfeiffer Those were sure fun times, Teresa! Family, friends, food!!


    June Davidson So City rocks!


    Kelli Jo Henderson Cullinan Went by tonight with my daughter–so very cool! Great Job SSF
    Elizabeth Fyfe That’s where my dad took us maybe 15 years ago. I remember a tree made out of teddy bears!
    Jaime Marcic It’s still there!
    Elizabeth Fyfe Awe
    Michelle Lynn Territo My ex husband grew up on Treeside.. I remember this every year.. Though still nice, it is def not the same as it was 15 years ago. I remember the house that took the window out so they could fit the tree inside.


    Marcy Escobar Hope they continue through the weekend and maybe even through new year’s.
    Muriel Pleasic Peninger We always took our girls there every year. Looks beautiful as ever.


    Carolyn Lara

    Donna Zocchi Ramierez carolyn , no they do not most of the old timers are not living any more. there are a few lights up but no more big celebration like we used to have. those were fun times.


    Karen Wright I sure miss that.


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