Cougar hit by vehicle dead on SB Hwy 280

South San Francisco, CA   January 2, 2015 

While driving on SB Hwy 280 in San Bruno this morning,  Andy Howse came across the carcass of a cougar as CHP officers were monitoring the situation. The big cat was near the split to Sneath Lane, below Shari’s Restaurant, across from the Golden Gate National Cemetery.

While these big cats have been more visible in our southern peninsula we do not see them much north of Millbrae but we do know they are around.

cougar from above edit mp

A dead cougar was found on SB Hwy 280 Photo: Andy Howse


Dead cougar 280 CHP _AndyHowse

The cougar can be seen here at the 280/Sneath Lane split Photo: Andy Howse

Dead cougar on 280 CHP_AndyHowse

Photo shows the cat was a good size Photo: Andy Howse










Andy Howse is the power behind the grass roots organization to Open the San Francisco Watershed.  Howse and his group are petitioning the SFPUC and Supervisors to allow responsible use of the 23,000 public acres which are currently closed to the public. ” This area should be open like the Marin Watershed is open to the public” the group proposes.


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