‘Quiet Hero’ Bertina Marcelo honored by Senator Jerry Hill

South San Francisco, CA      January 24, 2015

Bertina Marcelo & Jerry Hill 2015

Bertina Marcelo was recognized as the ‘Quiet Hero of the 13th Senate District’ by California State Senator Jerry Hill.

South San Francisco resident Bertina Marcelo was honored by California State Senator Jerry Hill this morning as a ‘Quiet Hero’ during an event hosted by Java with Jerry at the new Antiqua Coffee Shop on Grand Avenue. It was standing room only as officials, including Mayor Rich Garbarino and Vice Mayor Mark Addiego (pictured), and neighbors packed the house for this meet and greet event with Senator Hill. Only a handful of people knew of the special occasion in which the Senator would recognize Bertina as a Quiet Hero of the 13th Senate District. Everything South City joins in congratulating Bertina and the much deserved accolades bestowed upon her this morning.

Presented to  Bertina Marcelo

State of California 13th Senate District

Quiet Hero Award Recipient

With this Quiet Hero Award, I join our community in recognizing your outstanding volunteer service. You have strengthened our culture through your diligent support and leadership in local organizations, including the Historical Society and the Women’s Club of South San Francisco. You have set an example to follow not only through your hard work, but also through fostering friendships and neighborly connections. Your admirers say that by always putting your family and community ahead of yourself, and overcoming any obstacle, you continue to lead and inspire. You exemplify what it means to be a true quiet hero. Thank you, and best wishes for all your future endeavors.

Standing room only at Antiqua Cafe as Senator Jerry Hill recognized Bertina Marcelo

Standing room only at Antiqua Coffee Shop as Senator Jerry Hill recognized Bertina Marcelo



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