South San Francisco neighbors make OBGYN recommendations

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A neighbor wrote and asked if we would get a consensus of the best OB-GYN doctors in the area. Below are the comments shared by those in our community. Please feel free to add your recommendations as well.

Little help please: A neighbor is asking for recommendations for OB-GYN. Any suggestions? Thanks. (3,596 people reached with over 40 comments)


  • Courtney   Dr. Jurow at Mills-Peninsula in Burlingame. He’s nice, efficient and very knowledgeable.
  • Sheila   Dr. Deborah Quinn-Chen. Mills Peninsula. Love her.
  • Katie  Any Kaiser recommendations?

              Bruna   dr. atwood

  •          Jannel  Kathleen Ryan, Kaiser on Hickey
  •          Carolyn  Dr Hardiman at Hickey location. She’s super nice, makes you feel comfortable and has given me great care for over 10 years.
  •           Michaela Dr Kaplan on hickey Kaiser love love love him
  •           Caitlin  Dr Chari at the hickey location is THE BEST. I moved away but still drive down to see her for my appointments. She came highly recommended to me from two other women
  •           Pat Dr. Kathleen Ryan is wonderful!!
  • Roxanna  Dr. Rittenhouse in seton medical center in Daly City.


  • Katie  And at the same office as Rittenhouse is Dr Scheiffle. My family has been using that office for 5 generations.
  • Vanessa  I love him!!!!!! He’s the best. He drove all the way from CPMC to make sure he was there for my emergency c section!
  •  Geneva I work at the Women’s Center in San Mateo and all of the doctors listed above are excellent BUT my personal favorite is Dr DuPont who is in the same office as Dr Jurow and Dr Quinn’s-Chen. Their office has several female doctors except Dr Jurow who is Male
  • Sarah The best! Ever!
  • Chauntel Dr. DuPont, is the best doctor around. I’ve had three babies in her care and I couldn’t be happier.
  • Taryn  Dr. Scheifele or Dr. Hu at Seton
  • Madeline  Dr.Hu!!!! At Seton she’s amazing!
  • Victoria  UCSF Women’s Center at Serramonte Center
  • Anna Kaiser on Hickey D city Canaya Lorraine Lopez
  • Chris  My wife is pregnant atm and we have been going to Mills Peninsula and we like their service very much. We have no bad experience at that hospital and I highly recommend.
  • Jasmin  Dr.Bourgault at kaiser DC. She’s truly the best!
  • Shana  Dr. Debra Shapiro in Burlingame is awesome
  • Julie I second the Debra Shapiro….had 3 children…..been going for 22 years
  • Jenny  Kaiser hickey. Doctor Jaime Ocampo
              Tha  Yeah hes the best!
  • Tracy   Dr Skalnyi! She is amazing!
  • Ashley  Dr. Zang at Seton
  • Hikey  Drm Singleton -Seton Hospital


  • Vanessa Sorry but I’m so not fond of this doctor. She is very rude and insensitive. Had a really bad experience with her.


  • Hikey @vanessa – im sorry you had a bad experience. Your right she was rude when i 1st meet her but i gave her back her own medicine and called her crap out. 12 yrs later we are the best terms.
  • Tha  Dr.Bourgault was always very kind & informative!! I truly hold her close to my heart. As well as Dr.Ocampo, both from Kaiser in Daly City.
  • Angelina  Dr. Rittenhouse 1850 sullivan
  • Dani Dr Cabrera at Seton Hospital is THE best EVER..!!
  • Liz  She really is the greatest!! I love her!!
  • Lorena  Woman’s Center-Dr. LAURA STINE
  • Erica  Claire Serrato. So good I kept going to her when she moved from Daly City to San Mateo!
  • Jasmine  Dr. Tina Tan @ Kaiser Hickey. Dr. Rittenhouse or Dr. Singleton @ Seton
  • Steve  Rittenhouse was great for my wife
  • Ava i go to Dr Anjeja on Kaiser hickey in Daly city she is very patient with patients and i highly reccomend her
  • Muñoz Dr. Rebecca Dupont Mills Peninsula she is the best !
  • Nancy  Dr. Zaglin at seton check with your insurance too.
  • Tammi Debra Shapiro in Burlingame

             Christina Barnett Haas Totally agree! She delivered my 1st son back in 1996!

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6 years ago

Wondering what are opinions on Dr Shapiro I thought see was very rude when I saw her on last year for the first time.