SSFPD Media Release: Police Conducting Parking Enforcement Week, April 20th – 27th

South San Francisco, CA    April 16, 2015     Submitted by SSFPD  SSFPD logo color

Starting next Monday, April 20th, 2015, the South San Francisco Police Department will be focusing their enforcement efforts on parking violations. The officers will be actively looking for parked vehicles throughout the city that are in violation of the California Vehicle Code as well as the South San Francisco Municipal Code.

“It’s important that we follow the state and city parking rules for a variety of reasons,” says Jeff Azzopardi, Chief of Police. “Parking violations will often reduce available parking spaces on city streets, create traffic hazards for pedestrians and other motorists, and can delay emergency vehicles in their response to both residential and commercial buildings.”

The most frequent violations police encounter are expired parking meters, no parking during street sweeping, double parked vehicles, handicap parking violations, red curbs, exceeding posted time limits and expired registration.

In addition to the illegally parked vehicles, police officers will also be issuing citations for unregistered vehicles and vehicles with mechanical violations.

“Although parking violations are addressed on a daily basis, this special enforcement week will focus the police department’s efforts on identifying parking violations and issuing citations in an attempt to correct the parking problems the city is experiencing,” says Azzopardi.

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