SSFUSD Seeks to Address Lunch Program Deficit

South San Francisco, CA   November 6, 2015  Submitted by John Horgan, SSFUSD SSFUSD logo color

The South San Francisco Unified School District is seeking to work with parents of students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches but have not filled out official federal forms that provide proof of the families’ financial


During its meeting Nov. 5, the District Board of Trustees considered community outreach mechanisms to encourage parents to comply with federal rules regarding the forms in order to reduce the District’s growing deficit in the lunch program. Without validation of a family’s financial condition, the cost for youngsters who eat free or at a reduced rate is borne by the District because federal reimbursement for them is not forthcoming.


According to Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Michael Krause, the annual deficit in the lunch program has been increasing significantly over the last several years. In a report to the Trustees, Mr. Krause pointed out that the last three fiscal years have seen the shortfall grow from $2,300 in 2012-13 to $12,000 in 2013-14 and, finally, to $21,000 last year.So far in 2015-16, he said, the deficit was already $18,842 and growing rapidly.


Mr. Krause explained that a variety of communication efforts are being undertaken in a concerted attempt to make sure parents of qualifying students comply with federal rules. He emphasized that those outreach efforts would not involve the pupils themselves. “We deal only with the parents,” he said.


The Trustees did not take official action on the issue; it is scheduled to come back to the Board at a later date.


For more information, Mr. Krause can be contacted at 650-877-8707.

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