Holiday Burn Safety Tips from Kaiser Permanente Physician

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Interview with Clyde Ikeda, MD, Director – Northern California Burn Services, Surgery Department Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco on Burn Safety.

Clyde Ikeda, MD, Director - Northern California Burn Services, Surgery Department Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco on Burn Safety.

Clyde Ikeda, MD, Director – Northern California Burn Services, Surgery Department Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco on Burn Safety.

What is your role  here at KP SSF?
I am the Director of the Northern California Burn Service for KP. I was asked by the region to provide comprehensive burn care for Kaiser Burn patients in Northern California. We currently admit burn patients with less than 15% TBSA (total body surface area) burns (without inhalation injury and no pediatric patients). We also transition burn care from the Burn Centers in the Northern California into our service. We have a dedicated team of burn specialist that include, plastic surgeons, burn care nurses, psychiatrists, physical and occupational therapists, dietitians and social services to meet the complex needs of a burn patient.
We have been reaching out to Northern California patients and Kaiser Facilities and have provided 24/7 consultative services. This consultative service is enhanced with video technology. This service provides for long-term follow-up and reconstructive burn surgery.
Burn safety – what is it and what are we doing here at KPSSF?

Burn Safety is a term we used to prevent burn injuries. At this time of year we like to send a community service reminder to prevent burn injury. Burn prevention safety tips include such suggestions as to water the Christmas trees to prevent desiccation and proper disposal after the holiday season, to check the electrical cord for the Christmas lights and precautions when using candles.
Burn safety is a message for all ages. The Holiday season is marked with cooking and we suggest to parents that they keep the handle of pots and pans inwards. This will help prevent children’s’ exploring hands from accidentally pulling down pans with scalding food and liquids onto themselves. It is also a time for roaring fires and hot oven doors; we remind parents to keep close supervision of children around these potential burn hazards.
For the more seasoned group, we remind adults to make sure not to wear long sleeve garments, which can ignite while reaching over the stove.

Here at KPSSF Burn service we have established an intranet website, which has helpful suggestion for burn prevention. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK Here is the link:


The holidays are here – what are you trying to communicate to people throughout the community?
During the festive holiday season, a wonderful time of year, take a moment to reflect and make your homes fire safe to prevent burn injuries.


How are you working with the SSF Fire Department?
Fire fighters are always enthusiastic about community outreach, fire prevention and burn safety. In fact, they are so proactive that they are represented at our American Burn Association annual meetings.
But, Capt. Richard Walls of the South San Francisco Fire Department really says it best …“Prevention of burns is paramount in Fire and Emergency Medical Services. Each year, thousands are severely injured or killed by burns, especially around the holiday season. At South San Francisco Fire Department, we are committed to the education of our community to the risks presented by fire and dedicated to the immediate treatment of those who suffer burn injuries. When it comes to burn care, time is of the essence. Swift and appropriate intervention and treatment can protect life and limb. We are committed to our partnership with the burn unit and work diligently to create a safe community for our citizens.”


Burn services at KPSSF – what are your goals for the future?
Burn injuries are very painful injury in many ways, if there is way to prevent all such injuries from happening; this is the hope of the Burn service at KPSSF. In the meantime we continue to improve burn care and the healing process. Hopefully the future will broaden our horizons so that we can continue to improve the quality of medical care for Kaiser Burn patients in Northern California.

Learn more at the KP South San Francisco Burn Service website

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