Public Hearing at Planning Commission Meeting: Two 7 Story Residential Bldgs to Include 260 Units

South San Francisco, CA           January 15, 2016            City of SSF Planning Commission

Development Ford Bld BlocksFord Properties Residential Development

Request for a Conditional Use Permit and Design
Review to construct two newseven story residential buildings with a total of 260 units at both corners of Airport Boulevard and Miller Avenue (309, 315, 401 421 Airport Boulevard), a private residential parking lot at 405 Cypress Avenue, and twelve (12) townhome units at 216 Miller Avenue; request for Modification to private storage and building height zoning standards;request for a Parking Reduction to reduce provided parking by 25% to accommodate a portion of compact parking spaces designed for the project; and consideration of an Environmental Consistency Analysis and a Development Agreement. Parcels are located in the Downtown Transit Core (DTC) or Grand Avenue Core (GAC) Zoning Districts and the Conditional Use Permit, Design Review, Waiver and Modification, Parking Reduction requests and Development Agreement are in accordance with SSFMC Chapters 20.280, 20.330, 20.480, 20.490, 20.510 & 19.60.
Address: 309, 315, 401-421 Airport Blvd., 405 Cypress Ave., 216 Miller Ave.
Owner:South San Francisco Successor Agency
Applicant:Miller Cypress SSF, LLC
Case No.:P15-0036: UP 15-0027, DR15-0032, WM15-0001, PE15 -0004, & DA15 -0003


It is recommended that the Planning Commission take the following action:
1.Adopt a Resolution making findings and recommending that the City Council approve the Development Agreement with Miller Cypress SSF, LLC for the development of four downtown area sites, approve the Environmental Consistency Analysis, and approve
UP15-0027,DR15-0032, WM15- 0001, PE15-0004, & DA15-0003 based on the attached draft findings and subject to the attached draft conditions of approval.




To View OPEN LETTER TO SSF PLANNING COMMISSION by one of our neighbors on this issue please CLICK HERE

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