SSFPD Respond to W. Orange Traffic Concerns

South San Francisco, CA          March 19, 2016

On March 15th, South San Francisco resident Rob Vhe posted his frustrated concern on our Facebook page regarding his experience of an ongoing problem on W. Orange Avenue near Orange Memorial Park.  We then shared his post on our main fb wall asking for input from others in our community, including our Police Department and our City Manager. Our Police Department immediately responded to this post,  “The South San Francsico Police Department takes all these types of complaints serious and we do encourage all of our residents to report these types of incidents by calling our police department at 650-877-8900 in non-emergency situations and at 911 if it is an emergency.” In addition the SSFPD have in place regular enhanced enforcement programs in areas of high traffic and pedestrian complaints. West Orange Avenue was included in the March 18 and 19th police patrol  saturation that yielded 107 speeding citations from multiple areas in town. Other high complaint areas include Sister Cities Blvd, Hillside Blvd, and El Camino Real. For more on past enhanced patrol saturations please click HERE.

Below is the conversation that took place on our social media to allow other neighbors to hear the concerns and to add their comments at the end.

South City resident Rob Vhe reports  a safety issue & asks for help; “I’ve been riding my bike with my 7 year old son around Orange Park and lately it seems that when we cross the street in one of crosswalks, sometimes (more often lately) impatient morons cut around the cars stopped and fly through the intersection almost hitting people in the crosswalk. My son and I were almost hit by a few of these morons last week. This happens all the time now and when I call the SSFPD to report what is going on, they could care less. Last night someone (I heard it was a child) was hit by one of these morons, hopefully the SSFPD will take it seriously now. I’ve called many times and they just brush it off. I hope the the person is OK and hope this will put more police on patrol in that area.
Please call the SSFPD when you see this happening, it will help in catching these stupid idiots.”
Perhaps one of the following departments, SSFPD or SSF Manger Mike Futrell might have suggestions? – ESC
Loren Stop signs are merely suggestions in this town… I know why people cross themselves at the church… because they don’t plan to stop!

Tona  Just saw someone get pulled over on Orange a few minutes ago. Not sure why, but I hope that the police will patrol around the park more often from now on. Cars definitely do race down the street around there and it really needs to stop.

Carla  I would take my complaint to the chief especially since this incident

Steve I suggest that Rob call Mike Futrell’s office. Make an appointment to speak with Mike. Mike will probably include Sharon Ranals and Jeff Azzopardi in the meeting. Bring all factual information, names, dates, photos, etc. if Rob is not 100% satisfied after the meeting that action is in place, I would be amazed. Traffic violation and pedestrian endangerment is not a civic nuisance. It is a crime.

Everything South City to Steve  ‘Yes we tagged both South San Francisco Police Department & South San Francisco City Manager Mike Futrell as they are very receptive to these complaints. Thanks!’

Rob  I definitely will but I think they are aware of the problems. I have talked to police officers and I have called in and I never see a police officer patrolling the area. I understand that the police can’t do anything about an incident that they didn’t witness but if you call a certain time of day for long enough maybe you would think that there might a problem there at a certain time. At least you will increase your revenue to hire more cops, that area would be a gold mine!

Steve  There is no need to feel frustration. If you believe the problem is not resolved, we can ask for a town hall meeting. The last meeting relating to a specific crime issue had several hundred people attending. Together we can find an answer.

Paul  People are also doing this cute thing where, when you’re in your car pulling away from the curb into traffic, people will speed around you to to avoid the indignity of having to wait for you to pull out. I saw someone do this outside Ponderosa Elementary the other day. Both me and a friend have been in accidents during the last year when we were hit by people who refused to stop.

Jim  I’m not saying this is you, but a lot of people pull out when they should wait for traffic to clear. My motto is “If you made someone brake, you should’ve waited.”

Paul  It’s true that the legal burden is on the person entering traffic-that’s why when I got hit, the insurance investigators decided it was my fault even though I probably sat for the better part of a minute, waited for three cars to pass, and checked over my left-hand shoulder one last time before I pulled out into traffic and got nailed. My buddy who got hit had already pulled out of the driveway and was putting his car in drive when he got hit. This is essentially what I saw in front of Ponderosa the other day (keep in mind this was in front of an elementary school)…a car had already mostly pulled away from the curb and a gray/silver SUV came screaming down the hill and flew around it into the opposing lane, again, because the driver just clearly didn’t feel like stopping. And, a friend of mine who also has a child at Ponderosa is volunteering in the afternoons to help the crossing guard because people are blowing through that crosswalk.
We all have that moment when we go “ugh” when we’re trying to get somewhere and have to wait for someone, but getting in an accident is way more of an inconvenience than having to sit and wait for a moment. And, if you have to slam on your brakes (especially in residential traffic), you were going too fast to begin with.
Amanda  I’ve also had 2 people IN A ROW make right turns into ECR from the left lane of Hazelwood because they couldn’t wait for me (in the right lane) to go straight through the intersection. Thank goodness I was only starting to accelerate or there would have been property damage to all vehicles involved.

Denni  Traffic is a real safety issue in SSF – people SPEED and don’t look or obey traffic laws. As a pedestrian I have nearly been hit by these morons many times. We need more traffic enforcement, better signs and well marked crosswalks.
Ralpheal It’s impossible to stop situations like this from happening unless an officer is posted there all day/night. It’s not logical to do so when having that officer on patrol prevents crime. People just need to become better drivers

David  So someone getting hit doesn’t matter to you. I’d disagree, when living in Belmont at Carlmont Village Shopping Center no one was stopping at the “Lit” cross walk until one day a San Mateo police officer’s daughter was hit by a car. Guess what…for th…See More

Rob  When you see your seven-year-old kid have to jump out of the way for some stupid teenager in his ugly dumb Honda flying 2 feet away from him in a crosswalk you get a little angry. I’m sure a $500 ticket for these morons might stop it. But you need a cop out there to give them out. Doing nothing will solve nothing, might as well just take all the signs down and have no laws.

Ralpheal to David  I never said I didn’t care. I’m just being realistic. There won’t be a officer stationed there 24/7 so nothing will change.

Monica  When they have had officers at the intersections giving tickets, people complain that they are just trying to get more money.

David  South San Francisco Police Department Ditto, my wife and I were just walking our dogs at that exact CROSSWALK where some idiot went around the car that had stopped for us. This also happens on Hillside and Drake, apparently standing in the crosswalk isn’t good enough to get cars to stop for you. Perhaps some SSFPD giving tickets out might just get people to look and stop.

Carmen I live on Drake and Hillside! It’s awful crossing that crosswalk with my son and our dog. A stop sign is desperately needed!!!
Brandi  Another car pulled over on Orange by crosswalk. Somebody is listening

Carole  Another intersection to be very careful is Old Mission Road and Sequoia. There is a new Pedestrian Crossing flashing signal. Doesn’t seem to make any difference. I have had to run for my life a few times (cars stopped, others went around and zipped by).

Everything South City We asked Rob Vhe which intersection since Tennis, Orange & Railroad are difficult to navigate and this was his response: ‘All 4 of them, from the Boys Club down to the pool, we almost got ran over in front of the baseball fields but I’ve seen stuff like that happened on all of them. We are there almost every day and we always see someone almost getting ran over. Last Thursday there was somebody doing donuts by the canal at 3:30 pm while kids were playing right in front of the a-hole. When I called it in the SSFPD acted like I was bugging them.’

David He’s correct it happens at all of them but I’m talking specifically the cross walk right in front of the Boys&Girls Club. And I can confirm his “Donuts story wow, I thought I was hearing/seeing things that day when it sounded like someone doing burn outs. I had the same thought..what the hell it’s the middle of the day, kids playing etc.

Rob  I’m sorry it was last Wednesday not Thursday.

Monica  Until the drivers realize that they have to slow down nothing is going to help. We had the two intersections torn up for 4 months to create safer intersections. B and C streets. Nothing will change until the drivers learn. The crossing signals are a waste. They flash all the time.

Loren  I fear the worst will be required in order for more action to be taken… i’ve been tempted to set up my own camera for a few hours in the mornings, then send the footage to SSFPD. Even a layman can figure out that 75% never come anywhere near a full stop, much less yielding to pedestrians.

William  Do it and also post it online. They aren’t entitled to any privacy when in public so don’t worry about posting pictures and video.

Veronica  i can assure you that this person was on their phone… i hope they get this taken care of…speed bumps possibly around places like schools and parks sound like something that can help!!

Rob  Sadly enough I looked right at the driver and he wasn’t on the phone, he is just terrible human being.

Veronica  That’s horrible …I live in an alley way and cars always go so fast by at they seem to almost be racing…it’s horrible and scary…I’ve called the police as well requesting speed bumps they said they can’t afford it or do anything…pretty frustrating…glad your ok…such a scary thought…

Kim  Forget speed bumps, they need to put dips in the road! The bottoms get scratched if you go over them too fast and the sound is loud (so it gets people’s attention).

Rob Call SSFPD at: 877-8900 to report anything if you see it.

South San Francisco Police Department; To all those concerned: The South San Francsico Police Department takes all these types of complaints serious and we do encourage all of our residents to report these types of incidents by calling our police department at 650-877-8900 in non-emergency situations and at 911 if it is an emergency…Our records do not show any recent reports taken at any of the mentioned intersections, and there are no recenly reported collisions. It is our goal to maintain the highest level of service and safety to our community and our efforts in this reported area will be enhanced in an attempt to locate and identify violators…In addition, the South San Francisco Police Department works closely and regularly with the California Office of Traffic Safety (O.T.S.) in an attempt to reduce unfortunate traffic related incidents in reported complaint areas.

Rob Vhe I called in to dispatch, i’m sorry but I got the day wrong it was last Wednesday. I did make a few other calls from my home phone because I live very close by. I will log the calls on my cell phone from now on.

Antonio Can you do something about the employees who , when incident is reported, ” couldn’t care less” ?

Rob  Probably not, I’m not trying to bash the SSFPD, there are some great officers that do care about what their doing and do a great job. It just seems that way when I call. I’m not asking to send out the Air Force, I’m just asking for some more police presence between say 3-5 pm when South City High gets out. That’s when a lot of this stuff happens.
Rob My wife drove by this, I was told that it was someone that got hit in the crosswalk. So, here is the report that was never reported.

Leonard  Time to wear a camera, if video quality is good you can show it to the police and they can do something. Speeders are around but when you have evidence it’s a big notch up. Be Safe.

Joyce How about taking down their license number. I can’t believe how anyone would take the chance and hit someone because they are in that big a hurry. I live in Mayfair and so wish they would go back to only one turn into our village from Spruce, like it used to be. It was always such a nice place for our children , the canal , railroad , orange ,and spruce on all 4 sides .sure could keep track of the children.

Antonio Can you do something about the employees who , when incident is reported, ” couldn’t care less” ?

Gary  I was in New Orleans and drivers disregard crosswalks entirely and will even honk at you while you are in one. I asked my sister if that’s normal and she said yes. At least here you can get ticketed.

Lowell  They are all in a hurry to watch the democratic debate.

Jane  Coffee with City Manager and Chief of Police When: Thursday, March 31, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Where: Philz Coffee, Westborough Square 2248 Westborough Blvd.

Everything South City Thanks for the reminder we keep sharing too

Rob Vhe Thank you! That’s what I was asking for, I just hope the crack down will continue.

Everything South City Rob Vhe They tend to do these enhanced enforcements often, including pedestrian concerns, and it appears W Orange is now on their ‘radar’ as well. On behalf of all those use that ‘corridor’ thank you for your initial post.CLICK HERE for past patrol saturations


Everything South City UPDATE: please see the South San Francisco Police Department press release regarding the enhanced enforcement of speeders in our City and the 107 citations that were given out in 2 days, March 17 & 18th.

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