San Mateo County Alert: Skyline & Coastal Auto Burglaries

South San Francisco, CA    April 1, 2016  Submitted by Sheriff’s North County Operations Bureau

On 3-31-2016 during the mid-morning and afternoon, several auto burglaries occurred from the SR-35 area & Open Space Skyline Areas on highway 35; 12000 block of Highway 92; one theft in the City of Half Moon Bay and in beach areas off of highway 1 towards Santa Cruz.
California State Park Rangers and Mid-Peninsula Open Space Rangers have also taken reports of auto thefts.

The Sheriff’s Coastal Patrol Bureau have developed leads regarding the thefts, however, we are asking area residents and motorists to use caution when leaving items inside their vehicles.

Most of the auto thefts occur very quickly – within seconds – with window smashes. Items taken are cash, small electronics, computers, bags, purses, cameras and cell phones. These professional thieves know the common places and ways that most people hide items in their vehicles. Many times auto burglary suspects use a lookout person and watch parking areas waiting for an opportunity.

The best practice is not to leave bags, electronics or anything of value in your vehicle and keep your vehicle locked.

If you see suspect(s) in the process of breaking into a vehicle, do not approach the suspect, but call 911. You may also call Sheriff’s dispatch directly at 650-363-4911.

Cell phone photos have been proven useful and head to toe descriptions of the suspects and their vehicles, including a license plate number are also helpful.

With your help, we can keep our communities safe.

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