Bee Swarms – European or Africanized?

South San Francisco, CA    May 17, 2016  From our Facebook 

Bees Africanized European

HEADS UP WARNING!! BEE SWARM Willow & Grand – Sunshine Gardens neighborhood
Teddy Reese writes “Please be aware a huge swarm of bees in the willow and grand Ave. Please keep animals inside until they are gone. Spotted at 1:45 pm on May 17”
Katie Stokes writes “Just a heads up to neighbors I had a swarm of bees in my backyard in Sunshine Gardens area. Be careful out there. I know there are Africanized bees in the Bay Area.”
A few days ago there was a reported bee swarm in Concord which killed 2 dogs after a bee hive was moved to allow landscape work to be done – the hive contained Africanized Bees. See the photo that shows the difference between the two. Should you come across a swarm of africanized bees in attack mode do not hesitate to call 911 immediately. While we have no information that South San Francisco has any Africanized bees in our City we are sharing this alert so neighbors may be aware of the difference.


And please remember we NEED bees in our gardens so do not automatically think all bees ‘will get you’.

For more on our bees CLICK HERE


In general, honeybees may exhibit defensive behavior near their nests, where they need to protect their young and food supply. When honeybees swarm they neither have young nor food stores and usually do not exhibit defensive behavior unless of course you try to provoked them. If someone can provide me location and some details, I can try to rescue or find someone else who can. Also we are fortunate to have a local beekeeping guild in our country with members who are very helpful and informative. 

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