Voting: Your Right, Your Responsiblity

South San Francisco, CA   May 23, 2016vote right responsiblity childrens future

Primary elections are just around the corner, Tuesday June 7th. Our last county election was all vote by mail yet that may not ensure that your ballot has been mailed to you for this election. We have heard from several of our ‘mail in voter’ neighbors that they have not yet receive their ballots, even though they had registered as mail in voter. At the same time  other neighbors have already voted and mailed their ballots back in.

One reason a ballot may not have come to you is you may be on ‘inactive status’. Perhaps you didn’t vote in the past few elections or have moved and have not updated your voting information. Another neighbor, who had not yet received their ballot, was told by the San Mateo County Registrar they were put on inactive status “because a piece of mail we mailed you last year was returned by the post office.” We have to ask how many registered voters are not receiving ballots? And what of those mailed in, do they all reach the Registrar’s office, are they counted, do they make a difference?

REGISTER TO VOTE: CLICK HERE for more information (PLEASE NOTE; 1.You must re-register to vote if you: 2. change your name 3. change your address OR 4. want to change your political affiliation (party)

VOTE IN PERSON:  If you prefer to vote early and in person CLICK HERE for more information. To find your June 7th polling place CLICK HERE

VOTE BY MAIL: May 31  is the deadline to register to vote by mail CLICK HERE for the form & information.

REGISTRATION INFO: To confirm registration status and to track your ballot CLICK HERE

ELECTION NIGHT RESULTS: To receive up to date election night results CLICK HERE

The 2016 Presidential Primaries to date have many feeling they do not want to vote. Please remember you do not need to vote on every item. Find one or two issues that matter to you, study up and vote. We have local issues on the ballot that need our attention!

Voting is our right and our responsibility that has been paid for by the blood sacrifice of those who have fought for our democracy.  


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