Want to Serve on the Measure W Citizens’ Oversight Committee? Apps Taken Now

South San Francisco, CA    July 27, 2016  by City of South San Francisco City Logo blue circle

South San Francisco voters approved Measure W, a half cent transactions and use tax in November 2015. As part of the Measure W implementation process, the City is seeking members to serve on the Measure W Citizens’ Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee shall report periodically to the City Council regarding the collection and expenditure of Measure W funds.

The Measure W Oversight Committee will consist of five members appointed by the City Council.
Three members shall serve an initial term of four years.
Two members shall serve an initial term of three years.
At the conclusion of the initial terms, all members will serve four year terms. Any South San Francisco resident or representative of a business located in South San Francisco, who is 18 years of age or older, is eligible to be appointed to the Oversight Committee. The City Council may give preference to applicants with financial management experience.

Those interested in serving on the Measure W Citizens’ Oversight Committee can obtain an application packet, which includes a copy of the Committee bylaws, at www.ssf.net or send an email to krista.martinelli@ssf.net.

For further information, please contact:

The City Clerk’s Office
City of South San Francisco
PO Box 711
South San Francisco, CA 94083
(650) 877-8518 phone

Applications must be received by no later than August 26, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

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