Meet Daina Lujan: Candidate for SSFUSD Trustee (4 year term)

South San Francisco, CA      August 24, 2016  provided by Daina Lujan  

Daina R Lujan is seeking a 4 year term after serving as a SSFUSD Board incumbent  Photo: SSFUSD

Daina R Lujan is seeking a 4 year term after serving as a SSFUSD Board incumbent

The words of William Butler Yeats, “education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire,” capture the beauty of education and the hope I have for all students. Every student should feel welcome, safe, challenged to learn new things, and inspired to solve problems in creative ways. Schools provide a place for students, staff, educators, parents, families, guardians and the community at large to come together for the benefit of every child.

My Name

First, let’s begin with just how does one pronounce Daina Lujan? Daina is pronounced “day-nuh” with the /ai/ making a long a sound as in the words rain and train. Lujan is pronounced “loo-hon” and rhymes with “shoe on.” It’s a unique name that is often easier to read if you don’t trust your eyes and just repeat the sounds you hear.
Committees and Boards

Now, about me. I am a dedicated educator who loves South San Francisco. I was appointed as a Trustee to the South San Francisco Unified School District School Board in February 2016. I am a former South San Francisco Planning Commissioner and former Transportation Authority Citizen Advisory Committee member. I also currently serve on the City/County Association of Government’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
Interest in South San Francisco

My interest in South San Francisco began when I took a position with the City of South San Francisco’s Recreation Department in 2000 to help me pay for my university studies. I worked part-time for the South San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department through 2011. Because of this interest, I moved to South San Francisco in 2009. I love the diversity of South San Francisco and its many treasures including its eateries, parks, libraries, trails, business and residents. My favorite thing to do is share the treasures of South San Francisco with my son and husband. On our adventures, we find new favorite places and meet many wonderful, new people.

I hold a B.A. in Liberal Studies, an M.A. in Elementary Education, an M.A. in Education Administration, a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, a California Education Administration Credential, and a British Columbia Teaching and Administrative Certificate. I am also a certified Master Composter of San Mateo County and a League of American Cyclists Instructor (LCI#3679).

I have worked as a teacher for the Pacifica School District, as the Safe Routes to School Coordinator for the San Mateo County Office of Education and as an Assistant Principal for the Jefferson Elementary School District. I am currently an elementary school principal for the Millbrae School District. In the 2015-16 school year, my school earned the San Mateo County School Board Association’s J. Russell Kent Award and a California Gold Ribbon Award.
My Family

My dedication, determination and work ethic come from my parents who worked hard to ensure my sister and I were afforded educational opportunities that they were not. My father was a roofer for over 30 years and my mother continues to work as a medical biller. They have instilled in me deep rooted beliefs that how you make people feel is just as important as what you accomplish in life and that education is the key to opening doors.

My husband and I have one son whom we love very much. Similar to my own parents, we strive to provide our son opportunities we were unable to take advantage of in our own youth. Sharing experiences with our son and enjoying them from his perspective bring an unparalleled joy to our lives.

Highly Qualified Educators
Opportunities for Ongoing Professional Growth for Educators
Safe School Campuses
Positive School Climate
Fully Staffed Departments
Equitable Access to Rich Educational Experiences for all Students
Opportunities to Ensure all Graduates are Career and College ready
Environments that Welcome Students, Families and Community Volunteers
Opportunities for Families and the Community to get Involved
As Trustee for the South San Francisco Unified School District, it is my goal to ensure that these priorities provide the foundation of all schools in a fiscally responsible manner. As such, my key areas of focus include:

Responsible Management of Measure J
Leveraging Partnerships to Strengthen the Quality of Opportunities Available to Students
Attracting and Retaining Quality Staff
Closing the Achievement Gap
Engaging with the Different School Communities

To read more about Daina Lujan please CLICK HERE


Daina Lujan is one of the 2 candidates in this uncontested for the 4 year position on the SSFUSD (Patricia Murray is the other) Daina may be reached at

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Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores
6 years ago

Congratulations Daina,
This is a very solid introduction.


[…] one of the 2 candidates in this uncontested for the 4 year position on the SSFUSD School Board (Daina Lujan is the other). Everything South City has reached out to all the candidates allowing them this space […]