Pup Found Saturday Sept 10 on Hickey Needs Help Getting Home

South San Francisco, CA   September 13, 2016 Submitted by Janette Orozco Duharte

UPDATE: Reunited with his owners – and a big thanks to Janette for taking good care of this pup while searching for the owners. – ESC 9:30pm Sept 13, 2016

ESC NOTE: A good neighbor, Janette, contacted us asking if we would help her find the owners of the pup she found last Saturday. “I lost my pup not that long ago and I know how the owners must be missing this little guy” she told us. Please read & share & let’s get the pup home. Thank you to our neighbor Janette for helping to reunite this pup with the owner(s)

###esc lost dog

On Saturday the 10th we found this small tan terroir mix dog on Hickey and El Camino.
His is a young male.
Please call us at 650-888-1010.
We want to return him to lie loving family, or find him a good home.

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