Music Makers Brighten Holiday Travel at SSF BART

South San Francisco, CA   December 23, 2016 

Holiday music brightens the moods & puts a spring in the steps of those traveling through SSF BART Photo: Debbie Carey

As if commutes aren’t hectic enough, throw in the holidays and it can become a stressful time. To help bring some merriment and holiday spirit to those weary travelers, Benjamin Villa and crew serve up some special tunes to tame the frazzled nerves. Villa, a music teacher at South San Francisco High School, offers this opportunity to his students as they hone their skills.

“We stepped off Bart in SSF last night and heard lovely Christmas ? ? music playing.” South City resident Debbie Carey said “And I looked over and there was our nephew Benjamin playing his trumpet with other young musicians. He continues to have the gift to perform beautiful music.”

Thanks to Benjamin, and to all those who share their musical skills with us all! Merry Christmas!

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