Author/Artist Talk: WILD MAN- The Natural History of Georg Wilhelm Steller at SSF Library Sunday Feb 12th

South San Francisco, CA   February 10, 2017  Submitted by Anissa Malady, SSF Library

The South San Francisco Public Library is pleased be hosting T. Edward Bak, who will discuss his natural history graphic novel, Wild Man. This event is in connection with the San Mateo Comic Arts Fest 2017.

We hope to inspire artists and readers of all ages and to celebrate the importance of comics both as an art form and as valid literature. We appreciate you spreading the word about this unique program.
Sunday, February 12th at 3:00 p.m.
Author-Artist Talk: T. Edward Bak,
Island of Memory

The presentation will feature a discussion of the experiences, research methods, and process that inform author-artist T Edward Bak’s work. Island of Memory,
his first volume of WILD MAN- The Natural History of Georg Wilhelm Steller is part natural history, part adventure yarn and part experiential narrative. Bak will preview new work from WILD MAN Volume Two: Sea of Time.

T Edward Bak’s stories have been featured in High Country News, and the critically-acclaimed anthologies The Best American Comics, MOME, and Drawn & Quarterly Showcase. He usually resides in Oregon. Bak’s work has been featured in various critically-acclaimed anthologies, including The Graphic Canon, The Best American Comics, MOME, Drawn & Quarterly Showcase, Studygroup 12 and Orchid.

For further information, visit the San Mateo Comic Arts Fest 2017 at the county website, CLICK HERE.



About T. Edward Bak

T. Edward Bak


Artist-author T Edward Bak was born and brought up in Denver, but has always been drawn to travel and he frequently migrates throughout North America.
His stories have been featured in various critically-acclaimed anthologies, including The Best American Comics and Mome, where “Island of Memory” — Volume One of his forthcoming “WILD MAN – The Natural History of Georg Wilhelm Steller” — was originally serialized.
Mr. Bak usually resides in Oregon.

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