Wild Turkeys Claim South City as Home

South San Francisco, CA   March 17, 2017  from our FB


Wild turkeys roaming the Westborough neighborhood Photo credit: Alex Cheung


When our South City neighbor, Alex Cheung, sent us this photo of wild turkeys roaming Westborough we just couldn’t believe it and shared it on our social media ‘Wild turkeys in #SSF? Has anyone else ever witnessed such a thing in South City?’ With over 200 likes and more than 25 shares we knew this wasn’t a common occurrence. However our Westborough neighbor had said they did contact SSFPD on the non-emergency line and was told the turkeys were a nuisance leaving him to believe he was not the first to take note of them here in SSF. Below are some fun comments from other neighbors:
Donna : Wild turkeys are turning up in a lot of places. I see them in Emeryville, Hayward, Castro Valley!

John Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Lol

Maria  How cute

Kristina  My friends! Gettin ready for St Paddys!!!

Sheri  Aww! Probably got pushed out of an area due to development.

Stephanie  Never! There was one in the Castro in SF yesterday too!

Davida  Yep…

Katrina  LOLLLL ???


Oliver  I have seen some of them .
But in Safeway lol ?????

Magdalena shares ‘Last week they where on my neighbors roof!’
























Briań ???????

John We call that Trespassing!

Donna Wow. Didn’t know turkeys could fly that high!

Jacqueline  Only turkeys i know of from south city are Nigel and Malcolm 😉

Deborah  LOL I’d say my brother in law is playing tricks from the great beyond!!!!

Patricia  Not in South City, but I like seeing them there!

Sophie  omg! It happens here too!!

Jake  Hahaha! Oh no! Don’t worry, I won’t run away and leave you to fight them off alone!

Samantha  Yes! I saw them on Galway and Shannon 2 days ago in the morning! Crazy!

Rich  Thankgiving in the spring there confused lol

Jimmy  All the time! ??

Jefy  I saw one about 10 years ago off of Spruce in the parking lot of Sierra Point Credit Union, but that’s about it.

Karen  It seems that there is more wildlife (meaning the actual animal kind) in general this month. Lots of rain and now sunshine growing lots of food? Who knows. The o’possums are still the weirdest.

Javs Steph you might have some new visitors at work!!

Steph  Omg more!!!

Roxanna  Never hahaja

Ramon shares: ‘Coyotes in my backyard.Behind sign hill” Monica agrees they are beautiful
























Lowell Hmmm. Got to let my buddy know he can hunt closer to home

Sarah  Mike Glines wtf?

Randy  I’ve seen them in San Mateo, but I never see them here.

William  Yes I saw them in the grassy area next to the 280s Westborough exit yesterday. I thought I was seeing things!!!

Evelyn Early Thanksgiving???

William Nice change from the brown flying defecating machines aka Canadian Geese.

Chuy  Yes, saw them at Orange Park and at Parkway….

Lucinda Maybe Roxanne  brought them? ? Right J??‍♀️

Gloria  Ewww

Nicole i.want.to.see.them. ?

Nic  Seen plenty of bums in south city drum on wild turkey.

Glenda Omg!! I just saw Lots in Kauai!!! ☘️?????

David Well wasn’t the area that Avalon Park/Pines was built on, at one time (long ago) a Turkey Farm? Coming home to roost, so to speak!



Rich Madrid shares his photo of Mr Turkey strutting down Lux a week ago!

SSFPD announced this on their FB page 4.25.2017: Intruder Alert! A wayward turkey has made its way inside the police station garage. Aside from marking its territory on some of the vehicles, the turkey seems more interested in joining the K9 Unit. Maybe one day…
SPCA has been notified so the turkey will soon have proper care and environment










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